Buying baby clothes tips for new parents

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/7/2006 | Kids & Teens

Congratulations if you are a new parent! Arent you eager to dress your newborn in those adorable cute outfits but you must know that your baby will quickly outgrow them. So buying baby clothes can be quite a challenge and it will largely depend upon your babys growth and your budget. While you set out to shop for those cute outfits keep a few basic buying tips in mind.  

1. Always buy a larger size. You will be wasting money if you buy clothes that fit your baby perfectly. Babies grow very fast in the first few years and buying a larger size will ensure a longer life for the clothes.  

2. Take weather into consideration.   For example if your baby is due in winter youll have to store your babys wardrobe with winter clothes. Baby clothes are labeled according to the age groups and when you are tempted to buy an outfit make a weather prediction first -What will be the weather like when my baby is of that age? In this way you will invest in clothes that will fit your newborn and also be seasonally appropriate. 

3. Functionality of clothes is most important.  The clothes should be easy to put on. One-piece jumpsuits, clothes with front buckles or snaps or zippers will be more comfortable for the baby. You must be able to change the babys clothes and diapers easily and for this purpose snap crotches and stretchy necklines will be of great help. Try and avoid buying clothes with buttons, beads or clasps. Do not buy scratchy materials and even if you buy clothes with frills and lace or embroidery make sure that they are easy to pull off and comfortable for the baby.  

4. Store up for emergencies. Babies spill food all the time and if they become sick they may throw up on their outfit itself. You will have to change the baby into a clean set of clothes a number of times in a day. Especially when you are traveling with the baby and you neither have time nor the necessary arrangement for washing, you will need a lot of extra clothing for the baby. 

5. Do not refuse Hand me downs. Your relatives or friends might offer you their childrens clothes. These may be new clothes that a child may never have worn for babies outgrow their clothes very fast, or these may be second hand clothes. You can add to your babys wardrobe in this manner.

6. Covering the feet is equally important. Those tiny feet need care and one-piece outfits with footies attached are ideal. Socks would be another alternative but most infants pull them off and if your baby is already walking or is able to stand up then you could go for those adorable little shoes with squeakers. 

7. Wash the clothes first.  Wash the clothes before you dress your baby. Clothes that you buy might have had a long shelf life, you never know! New clothes may cause skin irruptions and irritation. Washing will not only clean them but also make the clothes softer. A babys skin is extremely sensitive and you have to take extra care to keep his clothes dirt free.

Before you go shopping for your bundle of joy keep these tips in mind. Baby clothes can be quite expensive so you need to know beforehand exactly what kind of clothes you are looking for, taking into consideration weather factors, the infants growth and your finances. You will never run out of options and shopping for your baby can be real fun!