How to help your Children Eat the Right Foods

By Brown Articles Published 09/29/2011 | Parenting & Caregiving

It can be a problem sometimes when your child or children will not eat food types that are necessary for their health and growth. If you have one of those stubborn children who will not eat their vegetables and fish or even meat, there are ways you can adopt in order to add one or more of these elements in their daily diet.

First of all, remember that you have to set the good example. Children are always watching you, and they will wait for the right moment to catch you out doing something you tell them they should not be doing. So, as far as meals are concerned, make sure you are eating the foods you want them to eat too.

Your next step will be to try and make those difficult foods as appetizing as you can. Most children prefer raw vegetables to cooked ones, and they are right to prefer these, as they provide more vitamins and roughage they need for their metabolism. Try making fancy decorations with raw vegetables with a tasty dip your children can dip their pretty vegetable decorations in. By doing so, they may discover that some vegetables are not so bad after all.

I did that with my daughter who would not eat mushrooms, which are a fundamental source of vitamin D. I prepared a tangy tip with mayonnaise and lemon, and she really loves them now, even raw and without the dip!

Sometimes children are just too stubborn to try, but once they have tasted the new vegetables, they find that they actually like them.

If your children are really stubborn, try hiding the vegetables. You can prepare smashed potatoes with the addition of pumpkin. They will hardly taste it if you add cheese to your preparation. Children often eat vegetables more willingly if they cannot actually see their shape.

You can also hide the vegetables in meat balls or quiches and pies, topped with cheese and other foods they prefer. Try mixing the vegetables in the mixer and adding them to your tomato sauce in pasta, you will find they will like the flavor and will not even see the added vegetables.

If you are having problem with fish try tuna. Children usually like tuna fish or fish fingers. I know my children will eat tuna in everything, pasta, salads and rice salads. If you find that tuna is working well, try adding salmon to your lunch menu. You can try cooking it on barbeque sticks, with potatoes; you will find they will find these delicious.

These tips can help your children appreciate foods they seem to take an immediate dislike in, which is often purely psychological. Keep in mind that the sooner you add different tastes to their meals, the sooner they will appreciate a more varied daily diet.