How Reliable are Women as Political Leaders

By Brown Articles Published 09/29/2011 | Politics & Women

Has todays political world slipped back to the fifties when women had to fight for their rights through demonstrations and other methods as they had no right to be represented as a political entity? Todays female political figures seem to be the focus of demeaning attacks, either for fear that they are gaining strength over their male competitors or simply due to differential political postures. This new trend that has arisen against female political figures does not seem to be coming from the media, but from other social spheres.

Studies conducted in the past, have proven that female political candidates are considered more trustworthy than their male counterparts, and more sensitive to social concerns, therefore more likely to win votes for their parties. The statistics showed that female support is considered ten percent more advantageous than male support, which is quite an advantage during competitive elections when a small percentage can make a huge difference.

However, the Republicans consider female candidates of less impact as political leaders than men, while the Democrats and Independents declare that quite the opposite is true. Some declare that the Republicans attitude is related to their deeply ingrained religious beliefs that follow rules written by men only more than two thousand years ago.

These rules that dictate spirituality clearly state where a womans place should be, however, it is also true that these rules should be analyzed in the context of the period in which they were written. Most information we have access to can be defined as timeless or dated, meaning that some concepts may be valuable in whatever era we live in, while others can even be harmful if they are not updated to follow the new findings and rules adapted to the period and context.

It is fundamental to be able to think as individual in our own period of history to avoid destructive mass thinking. Something that was true yesterday may be outdated today, and must be replaced by the modern reality, however this sometimes happens too quickly, and people may need more time to adjust.

In todays world women have found their political position and as men do, they strive to work for a better society with fervent belief. Whether women are reliable or not, is not the issue here, as they have proved to be both reliable and of impact in different political spheres.

What is relevant is that these women seem to have to continually suffer from religious drawbacks within the Republican Party although we are now in the 21st century. We are no longer in a society maneuvered by religious rules, modern times focus around a society that needs socially-focused reforms and an approach that is more sensitive to peoples immediate needs as far as education, medical and employment support are concerned.

Women have proved their value and they have invested their time and effort to show their electors what they can really achieve if there is a real social need.