Why Women Play an Important Role in Politics?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 09/29/2011 | Politics & Women

Nowadays more than ever the industrialized nations are striving to keep human equality and rights as the center point of their nations social and political development, especially as far as womens rights are concerned. There is no longer any doubt that, the modern women have more rights when it comes to voice their opinions than just a decade ago.

Not only do they have more right to voice their opinions, they are also proving to be of more impact and just as effective as men when it comes to claiming the social rights of citizens.

Women, who are at the head of various posts within the governmental or entrepreneurial domains, are showing that there is a new perspective to various issues. They have also proved that they can collaborate more effectively with their colleagues and subordinates.

Could this be the reason why, nowadays in many industrialized capitals, there is a need to act in a more civilized manner and a greater respect for their social sphere? There seems to be a greater sense of balance and fairness as well as respect, which help the social sphere, obtain a better level of achievement.

As women are being included in global and national politics, the progress of peace and prosperity seems to be the main objective of these female leaders. These women leaders are striving to reach, not only a better quality of life for all, but also an enhanced form of respect for the individual.

It is no doubt, in womens nature to have this sense of righteous, they have been working at for many years, and thus they understand the need. Their presence in important roles is fundamental, for the difficult times that lie ahead. Women have a stronger perception and sensitivity that is deeply engrained in their nature, helping them realize the problem in its integrity.

Women are renowned for being more collaborative, nurturing, and socially cooperative. No one is claiming that these elements are better than others. However, it is important to understand that not all situations call for the same perspective, this is why a balance is needed from both genders.

Men are known to have a stronger sense of pride and will not turn away from a fight, as this is a mans nature, while a women will prefer to find a common ground to solve matters, will seek equality, respect and fairness.

 A womans role is fundamental, especially in the sphere of global politics, as her opinion will be of great value in crucial events and procedures that involve social and economical matters. They are better suited to find common ground and come to a productive solution that is acceptable to all parties involved.