Simple Ways to Make your Child Feel Loved and Cared For

By Brown Articles Published 09/29/2011 | Parenting & Caregiving

As parents we may not feel the need to be taught how to love our children. While this is true, and most of us know exactly how we should love our children quite naturally, by using affectionate words, phrases of encouragement, kisses, hugs and all those natural forms of care we love to provide our children with, we sometimes may not be giving enough.

This can happen due to the overload each parent has during the week, so this is only a reminder to parents to help them be aware that our children need those extra bits of attention in order to feel cared for and loved.

The first issue to keep in mind is that our children listen to us, even when they appear to be distracted by other things. This is why it is important to use words appropriately. Words should always be positive, regardless what we wish to express.

Using affirmative language will also help children build a positive image of themselves. Your positive behavior will encourage your child to do the same, with comments like Im so proud of you, or well done! that will help your child feel more confident, encouraging him or her to do better and mature.

We are all very busy as parents, whether we work at home or out, however it is important to spend some quality time with our children. Quality times means when we are together we spend time with them, and are not busy doing other personal activities. Find time to talk, read stories together, play games, go shopping or do some gardening together. This time you should devote exclusively to your children and the relationship between you.

The occasional present, does not mean you are spoiling your children, it could simply be a sign of recognition or reward for something they have done. Have you noticed how many drawings or flowers your children offer you every day? I have actually scanned the drawings on my computer and use them as a background for my desktop. If we counted all the gifts they give us, we would realize that the occasional one we can spare, when it is well-deserved can only do them good.

Physical contact is very important, as this is the most familiar way to show your children how important they are for you. Show your children how much you care for them by hugging them or cuddling them. This will make them feel loved and reassured and will make us feel great as parents too. Touch is known to stimulate our endorphins, which helps release the stress and reinforce the immune system. Touching your children will make them feel fulfilled and their emotional needs will be satisfied. So stroking your children, and given them frequent hugs will help them along their daily tasks both at home and at school.