How to Deal With Problems When Co-Parenting

By Brown Articles Published 09/29/2011 | Parenting & Caregiving

Probably one of the most difficult issues when co-parenting is having to deal with your ex- husband or wife. All those problems related to timetables, pick up times, holidays and back to school days, which are ordinarily simple tasks, can become tiresome due to a bad relationship.

Try and avoid any crisis due to these issues, as it will create a stress on your children and add to more complications in your life. You need to keep a well-balanced rhythm that can only be obtained with a lot of patience, but it is worthwhile to work on.

Keep a few key points in mind when coping with co-parenting problems; this will help you get over difficulties with more philosophy.

You cannot change some issues, however much you try. Sometimes it may amaze us how we could have tolerated our ex enough to have children together. However, it is also true that you have found out the true nature of your ex and this will not change, this is the reason you are no longer together.

Therefore, do not expect your ex to change, otherwise you would still be together, and it is important to keep this in mind. A few examples are, if he or she is late to one of the arranged appointments then this will be the case most times, so you had better live with this. Avoid getting annoyed; just learn to accept the fact that they will be late. You should never change your own attitude, simply prepare for the event and bring along something to read or do while you wait, in order to avoid getting in a state.

There will be plenty of times you will disagree on certain points, and it is important to deal with these without having your arguments turn out into emotional disputes, that have nothing to do with the subjects in question. In these cases make sure you avoid such arguments and take a little distance, until you can safely discuss problems in a coherent way, with a clear perspective.

The best action to take when you are not in the mood or emotionally upset is to leave the argument to another day. It can be really hard to stop a heated discussion when you have a substantial position. However, this is what you should do, as you will find later there are other solutions you can take to solve the issue.

Co-parenting is a unique situation where each discussion, disagreement, or argument is separate to themselves. This means that when you are in a relationship, disagreements often have a process to them. You disagree, you have an argument but in the end a decision is found, and you finally recover, in order for the relationship to survive. When co-parenting, a disagreement remains forever a disagreement.

The best action to take is to rapidly find a solution for everyone and move on to be able to look after your children in the best possible way.