How Women Should Deal With Diversity in their Work Place

By Brown Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Workplace Issues

It is no secret that many women in workplaces complain that their differences in their workplace often result in under performance. This results in initiatives that are not taken and ineffective results as far as the women workforce is concerned.

In many companies the younger women are not the first to jump up at new job opportunities and the senior women are never very enthusiastic to participate in new programs. These programs are set up exclusively by companies and are designed to help women in their workplace, however the results are not promising and women are not participating actively.

These programs that deal with diversity in workplaces are viewed as very important for companies, as these programs work on providing more flexibility in workplaces for women. These may range from more flexible work space, parental leave, activities and resources.

Unfortunately, although these programs exist, as does apparently, the companys concern for women within their workplaces, the problems of diversity are not being solved. There are far more subtle problems and casual discriminations that are not perceived by a casual observer.

Nowadays, there are still problems for women in their workplace, especially as women who could be able to take up leading positions are considered to lack in executive presence, when compared to their male counterparts. Obviously this type of consideration has a great impact on their chances to succeed.

Although companies are striving to counter act gender discriminations, by running diversity programs and appointing diversity officers, women still represent a minority as far as top management jobs are concerned. They also find it difficult to have children and a family while having to keep a managerial career going.

The real problem does not lie in an issue women need to solve, but rather a business problem that has to be taken care of by everyone within the company. Although it is true that many gender issues have be confronted, as there are more women in top positions than twenty years ago, there are still as many women as there are men. There is more work to be done to support women in their workplace that what has been achieved so far.

Many women and men are trying to deal with this problem and much progress has been made, although too slowly. However, there have been positive results and companies should ask themselves a few fundamental questions if they really want to solve womens diversity in workplaces.

Amongst these are whether the internal diversity program is effective and well-implemented, if the initiatives taken could give better results and what solutions one could come up with? Are there some better solutions to get senior women more involved and how can they be stimulate to participate actively?