Mistakes Women Should Avoid in their Work Place

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Workplace Issues

If you are a woman who wishes to achieve a good position in your workplace, then there are a few issues to watch out for, if you want to be successful.

Avoid analyzing issues in too much detail. Women tend to spend too much time discussing a single issue instead of moving on to another point. In the end they never seem to be able to get on and this is a waste of time.

Women tend to put too much emotion into issues at work. It is important to avoid displays of anger, prolonged silences or hysterical laughter, as this will only confirm to those who are peers that these women do not deserve the respect they wish for. This kind of behavior proves they have no control and are weak for a role of responsibility within the company.

Some women are so busy complaining about problems in the office without actually providing a solution that in the long run it becomes tiring for their bosses. Although women who do this may get immediate attention, in the long run they are losing out on promotional and leadership roles, as they demonstrate that they are not able to deal with difficulties.

It is a big mistake to look for friendship from supervisors or bosses. Any social relationship should be avoided or trouble can arise. If a woman does entertain her boss socially then her colleagues may find out and they will not be happy. If on the other hand their boss shows no interest then a woman may feel disappointed and not react as she should.

A boss cannot evaluate someone fairly when they are personally and inappropriately involved with that person. Women who seek this kind of attention get to feel powerful when the boss indulges them in the ways they desire. They may imagine they are protected from lay-offs or termination. They may feel very special, and they may over-inflate their value to the organization. In short, these women are on shaky ground. If the relationship changes or ends, problems abound.

Another major problem women have in their workplace is not realizing their actual situation. Some women fantasize about their jobs and actually think that these are better than they really are. Their judgment is flawed and it can seriously obstruct their careers. It can also be damaging in the long run when the truth suddenly hits home, leaving them shattered and vulnerable.

Denying reality is a typical feminine trait, and as women avoid the truth, this will cause them trouble in their workplace. This denial can be dangerous depending on the circumstances in a workplace. There are women who want to face their reality but at times need a little help. These women should try dividing the situation into manageable segments rather than affronting the problem all at once.