Problems Women Can Encounter at their Workplace

By Brown Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Workplace Issues

Stress in workplaces is a well-known health hazard and more so as far as women are concerned.  Women are subjected to the common forms of stress in jobs, such as fast turnover, friction between employees and bosses in addition to issues related to lack of balance between demands at home and work.

Women take care of more than sixty percent of the household affairs and childcare in addition to their workplace tasks, if they are married. Single women have an even larger percentage of duties, thus they are bound to have trouble at their workplace, as they are already stressed even before they arrive there.

For those women working in an environment that offers little flexibility of choice are faced with a greater stress risk as they have to face up to their boss requirements and do not have an real objective of their own. This means that not only are they stressed but also frustrated.

Women who have their own business, however, are faced with the same responsibilities at home, yet have the satisfaction of being able to pursue a passion, which allows them to have a positive attitude.

There are attitudes women can adopt to reduce stress in workplaces, as stress should be recognized and dealt with, as it can seriously affect our health. First of all, to be able to deal with stress adequately, it is important to recognize it.

Frequent breaks should be taken from work, especially if a womans own business allows her the time to work regular hours. Not only will breaks help fight stress; it has also been proven that frequent breaks increase our level of efficiency.

All those elements that disturb the quality of work should be eliminated. This could be equipment that needs maintenance, lack of organization, noisy environment, ergonomically unhealthy workplaces and other similar problems should be solved, in order to create a more adapted and comfortable work space.

Assertive and direct communication is also an important aspect in workplaces, and can reduce stress when there is a need to address expectations, boundaries and the needs required for the workplace. Unfortunately, women often communicate on an emotional level and this type of communication does not stress the real message that is to be sent over.

Drinking too much coffee will also increase the level of stress, while water consumption will help, as will a good breakfast. Eating well will help women get through the day without excessive stress, as healthy eating will provide enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium a womans body needs.

Other methods to reduce stress are the use of calming oils, such as lavender and rose essential oils, or massages on the balls of ones feet. Women should also be attentive they are getting enough sleep and enough fuel to keep up with the hours at work and home care, as these factors can contribute to more stress if women ignore them.