Sexual Discrimination in a Womans Work Place

By Brown Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Workplace Issues

A workplace can be the centre of several forms of problems focused on sex, age and race, the former being that which concerns mostly women. Women have rights in their workplaces, and should know how they can make sure these are respected to avoid friction and stressful work environments.

Sex discrimination occurs when a woman is being treated with less favor in her workplace due to her gender, which could mean lower pay, bad working conditions, as well as lower chances of promotion.

Women have the right to seek protection as employees with the Equality Act of 2010, which protects them from sex discrimination, stating that it is unlawful for an employer to discriminate against an employee due to gender.

Nobody should be treated differently due to his or her sex as far as employment conditions, training, pay benefits, redundancies and recruitment are concerned. Men and women should be able to carry out their jobs in a similar way and their workplaces should provide them with the same benefits, in order to carry out their jobs properly.

Any woman who thinks she has be subject to sex discrimination at work  should have an informal talk with her employer as a first step, to see if the matter can be solved within the workplace. If she finds that there is no hope for remedy, then a woman can make a claim at an Employment Tribunal for discrimination.

Women should not be worried about losing their jobs, as should the employer try and dismiss a woman due to her claim, he or she would then have to face a claim of Unfair Dismissal. This rash act may cost them quite a bit of problems, both financially and as a status.

There are cases when an employer may propose training courses and other internal bonuses to one sex rather than another, as there is a need to fill in posts which are currently lacking female elements. This is defined as positive action, as employers encourage women employees to take courses that will allow them to run for managerial positions, giving them the right training to keep up with the requirements.

Whatever sex discrimination a woman is being exposed to, this should be taken seriously, as it is fundamental that both the employee and employer take the appropriate steps to avoid this. If a case of sex discrimination can be identified and an employee is concerned with these issues they should be solved, both for the health of the employee as for the business concern and proper management.