How to Deal With Problems in Relationships

By Brown Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Relationship Issues

Often relationships are based on respect and trust. However, if these two elements are one-sided only, then a true friendship cannot last for long, as the exchange is not a mutual one. There can be times when what one receives is not equivalent to what one gives.

In certain relationships the person who is giving their trust and love, only realizes the extent of their partners feelings when it is time to return all that they have given, and this is when problems occur. Although it is true that experience in relationships can teach you a lot, it is also true sometimes we cannot help being the way we are.

To defend yourself against people who simply take and never give, the best way is to find out what they are like right from the start. If you give them leadership straight away, this will allow you to assess how they react.

Avoid putting yourself forward by offering good intentions, as you will never know before it is too late if this will be a fair exchange.  You can show your friends and relationships a certain extent of friendliness, without engaging yourself fully. This will allow you to see how they react, without disclosing your true character and passions.

You can never really know how people may turn out to be like, as human nature is unpredictable. It is true that some people that wish to be positive thinkers may not agree with this way of approach, as they feel optimism should be the foremost element in relationships, it is also true that you do not want to receive too many disillusions in your life, and should learn to defend yourself from the unexpected.

This is because you do not want to run into depression due to a heart break. Although trust is the base of a good relationship, it is always a good idea to keep in mind that you cannot always trust everyone with your life. Could you trust your own judgment or actions, always and blindly? Not really, so the same goes for others around you.

People who have been deceived and are left heart-broken, find it difficult to come to terms with this event. This sentiment builds up into an even greater one, when they think back to all the trust they gave their partner, who simply betrayed them. This is why you should always be vigilant and make sure you look after your own status and emotions.

Human nature is unpredictable; this is why you should always have some assumptions and concerns with regards to your relationships, as you may find that the person or persons can disappoint you, or are not what you thought they were.

To avoid depression if the worst does happen, do not over-estimate and expect what you would wish to expect. The more you expect the more disappointed you will be if you do receive bad news. Once we realize that human nature is not perfect and stop expecting too much, then we will stop being disappointed.