How to Keep Your Love Alive in a Relationship

By Brown Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Relationship Issues

The two basic elements that keep love alive are no doubt respect and admiration. If you are lacking at least one of these in your marriage or relationship, then you cannot keep the flame of love alive.

However, there are other ways you can act if you wish your love to last, and these may work well if the two above elements are present, as routine can kill love, therefore a relationship needs a little help.

Have you ever thought that you can write a love letter to your partner? This is not a silly or ridiculous way to show appreciation, it plunges you back to the beginning of your relationship. Tell your partner how much you admire them and how much your love them, keeping in mind the qualities that attracted you to this person.

A love letter leaves a great impact on the person you love, as does a photo album or video dedicated to just the two of you. Try and be spontaneous and as care free as you were when you were younger, more playful and adventurous. Find something that will please them in particular, rather than yourself, an occasion or event that will really come as a surprise.

Making compliments is another way to keep love alive, as both women and men like compliments and it makes us feel reassured and love, as nobody should take things for granted. If you are a couple with children, it is a good idea to organize a romantic dinner between you and leave the children at home; making sure all you talk about is you two and not the problems at home.

Women should make the most to be feminine and attractive for their man loves a sexy woman. Try and wear something that will stir emotions in your partner, as for men this is a true soft point that woman can use to keep them attracted.

Flowers have always been womens favorites and men should use this type of present to keep their women happy and not just once or twice a year. A small bunch of flowers every now and again will really keep the heart warm.

Words of love should be used more often, again we cannot take things for granted at all time, so do not use love words sparingly, try to use them frequently. You do not have to wait for Valentines Day to tell someone you love them. Take time to compliment and cherish each other, and show your loved one how much you truly care.

The above suggestions are just some of a few, and although there are many specialized books that will let you into more in-depth secrets, at times all it takes is one or two simple strategies to keep your love alive.