How to Tell Where you are in Your Relationship

By Brown Articles Published 10/6/2011 | Relationship Issues

It is hard to assess a relationship properly at times, as they are so different from one another and each couple is quite unique. However, there are some general points that are quite common between couples that may be worthwhile reviewing and can bring some benefits to couples.

First of all, ask yourself what feelings you are passing through in your couple right now. Are you really happy? When you take time to think of your partner what type of sentiments does he inspire you with? Do you feel anxious, worried, frustrated, depressed, angry, empty or sad?

Would you say that in general he inspires you with negative emotions? If you do find that you are feeling any of the above emotions, then it is time to review your relationship. No relationship has to suffer long periods of sadness are negative feelings; therefore if this is your case you should find a remedy.

The first step you can take is to attend counseling, either by yourself or together. If you do have a more serious problem, such as violence, then it may be advisable to foster a different friendship, as violence should simply not be tolerated.

If your husband or partner has turned to someone else and has another relationship, you should really consider whether it is worthwhile continuing the relationship. Do not feel that you cannot live without him and that your life would feel empty. Face the facts, and tell yourself that the chances of having a happy life with him are very slim.

What you should do in these cases is step aside and allow events to play the role. Do not waste time trying to do everything to get him back, why should you anyway, when he is the one who is not acting as a loving partner?

When in doubt about your relationship it is always best to seek external help, as you do not want to take rash decisions. Take time to evaluate where you stand in your relationship and make sure you know exactly how your partner feels for you.

You can put your relationship to the test by seeing how your partner reacts to certain situations. Nothing dramatic, just watch their reactions when in time of need. You can for example ask for specific assistance, or take a week off by yourself and see how things are when you get back.

Sometimes relationships need to be examined to find out where you really stand with your partner. If you do decide that you cannot live without him, whatever your problems may be; work on solving them to make your relationship a happier one.