Why Teenage Girls should Avoid Getting Pregnant

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/13/2011 | Girls, Teens, Young Women

How many times has teenage pregnancy been at the top of all parents worries, and seems to be a forbidden topic especially in the United States, as for some reason people just do not like talking about pregnancy in teenagers.

This is why teenagers are not informed adequately to the repercussions unsafe sex can have on their lives, and not enough support is given to prevent unwanted pregnancies. If teenagers were more versed on sex habits and were more mature in the way they have sex, then a lot of pregnancies could be avoided.

Unfortunately teenage girls do not take proper precautions, and most times teenage boys are not concerned as they are not the ones who are going to get pregnant. This is why teenage girls should be aware that the simple use of condoms is not really enough as a contraceptive and that other forms should be used to have safer sex and avoid getting pregnant.

Teenagers should be also aware of the consequences pregnancy in teens can bring about. A teenage girls parents may unfortunately actually disown their child, especially if they are very religious and have strict moral laws. Most parents, however, will probably be more disappointed in themselves and will ask themselves where they went wrong.

There is also the risk of giving birth to babies with defects, as teenage girls are too young to get pregnant for their bodies are not fully developed yet. There could also be complications during the pregnancy for the same reason.

During pregnancy the body goes through changes that sometimes cannot be handled by a teenage girl and these changes can scare such young girls. These could be intense hormone imbalances, weight gain, which could lead to an unhealthy lifestyle because teenage girls do not want to put on weight and may tend to starve themselves.

A teenage girls education may also be at risk, as she may not be able to finish her high school and graduate the same year as her friends, and then find it difficult to have to retake the year you lost. It can be a real strain on teenage girls and a situation that is too difficult to handle at such a young age.

Even though a girls boyfriend may stand by her, teenagers are not emotionally or financially prepared to raise a child. Having children is a big responsibility and most teenagers are certainly not prepared for this, in fact hardly any are.

Unfortunately some teenage girls actually have babies because they are lacking in affection, and this is a fatal mistake. It will only get them into hard times and they will be unable to live a real life of their own and enjoy their teenage and young years as all girls should at their age.