Health Problems in Young Women

By Brown Articles Published 10/13/2011 | Girls, Teens, Young Women

In the western world womens health problems seem to be most prominent with respect to other demographic groups of the population. Womens health issues vary according to their age groups but most women, regardless their age suffer from stress.

Although the reasons for triggering off stress vary from person to person, there are various common causes which concern most young women. The common causes for stress are professional careers, family life, parent care and social pressure. Of all these stress causes, the most trying on womens nerves is the emotional charge of the balance between family and career.

Young women suffer from this in particular, especially those between ages 25 to 35. These women have been found to be more prone to anxiety and pressure, which finally lead to stress and health issues.

It is important to note that most forms of mood disorders and anxiety do occur after having given birth, such as the postpartum depression, and cannot really be considered stress conditions. However, these are specifically female and hit a large portion of the young women population, and although they can usually be dealt with successfully, they can sometimes lead to more serious health problems if they are not overcome.

A womans career can lead to extreme stress conditions, especially due to cultural factors, which still seem to regard women as principally household providers. Women show more sensitive reactions than men do, and can shed tears when faced with difficult situations, which is seen as a weak point for women in corporate positions.

Because women know this is a weakness, which should not emerge in their positions, women will try and suppress this natural emotional reaction and make a stronger effort to earn powerful positions, in order to prove their worth. All this effort and emotional repression leads to stress as the tension within is not released naturally and builds up, until it causes actual health problems.

Shedding tears is the way women relive their tension and stress, just as men would do by hitting an object. This means that if it cannot be done then this will eventually lead to health problems. These health problems can start by influencing the skin, especially in women from 25 to 40. As the skin is no longer as resistant as it was during the teen years, it will be more prone to damage and find it difficult to heal properly.

These are the first signs of health problems in women, which can be detected and treated by diminishing the levels of stress and with additional supplements that will help the nervous system and help the metabolism to work properly. Stress will influence the nervous system, stomach and digestion, as well as the skin. However, the skin will provide young women with the first signs of health problems and should be monitored closely.