Tips for Teenage Skincare

By Brown Articles Published 10/13/2011 | Girls, Teens, Young Women

Most teenage girls have problems with their skin, and a bad skin condition can be embarrassing and tiresome to deal with. This is an age when looks start to matter, and unfortunately it is the age when most skin problems occur, due to hormone imbalances.

A bad skin can really affect a teenage girls school and social life, and although it should not have any relation with self esteem, it does greatly influence a teenagers way they feel about she feels about herself.

Although, there are certain elements, such as hormone changes that teenage girls cannot deal with, there are other ways to help and control the way their skin can be looked after, and measures can be taken to improve poor skin conditions.

Make up can cause quite a few problems in teenage skins and affect the general health of girls skins. Unfortunately, for many teenage girls, make up is a novelty and a way to enhance their femininity; however, it can cause unpleasant reactions. Cosmetics often contain chemical elements that can cause bad skin reactions and irritations, so although they may hide certain imperfections they can actually cause damage to the skin.

There are five simple steps teenage girls can follow to keep their skin healthy and glowing and avoid bad skin during teenage years.

Make sure you buy any makeup and other skin care products from natural stores. No chemicals should be listed in the ingredients, and often cheaper products contain chemicals, so buy less and spend more for quality products, as these will preserve your skin from acne and further damage.

New makeup that is purchased should always be tested before use. Teenage girls can test the makeup in places under the chin or on ear lobes, leaving it for a few hours to see how the skin reacts. This should be done even when products are natural, as some natural ingredients may not suit your skin type and provoke reactions.

The expiry dates should always be verified when you buy products, and should be used before the date of expiration. There is a reason an expiry date is given, as beyond this date these products could be unsafe.

Do not overdo makeup, especially if your skin is prone to spots and acne. In addition, over made skin does not look very nice. Although it may seem a good idea to cover spots, too much makeup can irritate them and cause worse problems.

Never neglect to cleanse your skin thoroughly before going to be. If you keep makeup on for the night this can irritate your skin as it never has a chance to breath, even during your sleep. A good facial soap and cleanser with a light moisturizer will help get rid of dead skin cells and allow your skin to renew itself and take in important nutrients to help it keep healthy.