What Can Cause a Decrease of Sex Desire in Women

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/14/2011 | Sex and Dating

The decrease of sexual desire in women is quite a common occurrence and is known as Hypo-active sexual desire disorder, in medial terms. This decrease in sexual desire can be only temporary and is caused by various factors. It is however, important to remedy to these problems as it can cause serious problems in relationships between partners.

In most cases, a decrease in womens sex desire is strictly related to emotional and physical factors the most common being the following.

The emotional factors that contribute to low sex desire can be a sense of low self esteem, which will eventually lead to disinterest in sexual relationships. Often women who are depressed or anxious can lose their desire to have intimate sex.

Stress is one of the greater causes of loss of sexual desire in woman and has to be dealt with seriously, as it can lead to fatigue and then on to depression.

Any traumatic experience can cause a lower libido, and this can be either physical or sexual. Infidelity can also cause low sex drive, as women make love with their psyche as well as with their bodies.

Women who fly too often can also be affected by low libido, as this deregulates our systems, causing imbalances in our bodies.

Medical problems can cause a low sexual desire, such as diabetes and cancer. However, other less serious medical conditions can be at the root of a decrease in sexual drive.

Medicines, such as anti depressants, oral contraception and other stronger forms of drugs can deeply condition our bodys metabolism and lead to a diminished sexual drive.

Alcoholism can also affect sexual desire, as well as surgery and vaginal dryness, which renders love making painful and unpleasant.

Sometimes women are so tired due to the overload of work at home and their jobs that they simply are too exhausted to even think about sex. Hormone imbalances are often the cause of a low sex drive and these can happen either due to menopause or if women suffer from thyroid conditions.

Testosterone hormone levels in women boost the drive for sex, so when this hormone level decreases in the body, it results in a low drive. During pregnancy or immediately after delivery, there are hormonal changes in the body. This combined with breast feeding and fatigue can contribute to cause of low libido in women.

These above factors can result in difficulties during a relationship between the partners and reduce the sexual interest. It is important to communicate well with your partner and resolve any issues. Women need to keep a healthy state of mind and body to continue to enjoy the pleasures of intimacy.