How to Help Women Over Forty Cope With Infertility

By Brown Articles Published 10/14/2011 | Pregnancy

Infertility does not only affect women after a certain age, it has been gaining terrain in the past decade, primarily due to the stress and life changes women are subject to. However, stress is not the only cause of infertility, age plays an important role, so it is important for women over forty to understand more about why it can be so difficult to become pregnant at an older age and carry a healthy pregnancy term.

Why is it that women over forty are less fertile than younger age groups? Funnily enough although it is a well know medical fact that women over forty are less fertile, they are still baffled at the fact when confronted with it. Why? Simply because, todays women, who are over forty are fitter and in better condition than they were twenty or more years ago.

Even though a woman has kept fit, not smoked or drank excessively in her younger years does not mean she will be just has fertile as a younger woman who has led an unhealthier life style. There are women at forty who are still very fertile while others simply are not.

When looking at figures this can be understood better. When you are forty, your chances of getting pregnant are about 2-4 percent per cycle. When you are twenty-five, when you're 25, you only have about a 10 percent chance per cycle.

With in vitro fertilization, the process by which egg cells are fertilized by sperm outside the body will make a baby at a percentage of 60 if you are thirty. At forty it is only 28 percent, and at forty-four 44, it is down to 6 percent, according to medical statistics.

The best way to avoid infertility issues is to plan ahead. Although you cannot control when you are going to find the right partner, you should consider an age limit for starting a family. Keep in mind that infertility is not only a womans issue, so start thinking about fertility sooner than later.

It is best to plan your life, rather than making it happen to you. You can even consider having your egg frozen if you wish to use it later, especially when you are under thirty-five. It is important not to be influenced by the celebrities who seem to be having a thing about baby blues over forty. Do not consider these as an example to go by, as what is important is to consider your biological evolution and fertility potential.

Most of what you read on the media is misleading, especially on magazines that focus on celebrities giving advice to other women. The advice you should be seeking is from your doctor or health counselor.