How to Avoid Stress during Various Changes in a Womans Life

By Brown Articles Published 10/27/2011 | Life Transitions

There are times in a womans life that some major changes take place and she has to adjust to these to be able to live a happier life. These changes may concern a relationship, the surroundings, and your workplace, emotional, mental or physical changes.

Common transitions in a womans life are separations from a partner due to divorce or death, you may have to relocate somewhere, have a change in your jog or even health issues. These changes do happen in life and the right choices taken and best behavior adopted.

The best way to face transitions is to take control over them, telling yourself that it has been your choice for your own benefit. However, any type of change or transition will inevitably result in a feeling of anxiety or stress, uncertainty or fear of the consequences.

During these transition phases it can be helpful to tell yourself that these are temporary changes that will soon pass; this will help you feel more in control. New situations and changes will sooner or later become familiar to you. Try and experience the changes to their fullest, and live through the three major transition cycles with an open mind.

Transitions go through three major phases, and you have to live through all three to be able to cope with these changes adequately.

The first phase is the catalyst phase, which is when you are confronted with the actual change. An event has occurred or you have taken a direction and action. During this phase you will probably feel lost and worried about the consequences. If you are the one behind this change, you may doubt your decision, or question your identity.

During this phase you should express your feelings as much as you can, such as talking about it or writing about it if you need to let off steam because you are angered about the issue that produced the change.

The second phase is the cocooning phase, which may seem not to be very useful but this is a time when you should ponder over the changes that have occurred and think about your life in the future. You have to stop grieving for the past and focus on the present, as well as planning your future.

This phase can be helped by allowing yourself time to think. Take a break and get away from the hustle and bustle. It is important you take care of yourself during this period, by eating properly and being kind to yourself, avoiding criticism. Enjoy entertaining activities to help you.

The third phase is the commencement phase, which is the new beginning. This is when you will be starting new projects in your life. You will realize you are in this phase as you will feel new ideas starting to rain on you, at you will have to choose one to take action on.