What Transitions Women May Have to Deal With in Life

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/27/2011 | Life Transitions

These periods in a womans life can actually provide a change of taking on new challenges and unique opportunities to take a new vision on your life.

These are times when you should start setting new goals and check which the priorities in your life are. Make sure your objectives are still relevant to your new life style; otherwise you should start making changes in order to get a more satisfying experience and richer life. You should start dreaming and daring to change things.

You can never really know when life transitions will occur, they can come at any stage in your life; however, you can be certain that these are times of upheaval and unsettlement. These transitions can be a beginning of a married life, a change in your career, you may find yourself alone all of a sudden, or due for retirement. You may have to deal with a death or a family relocation.

Whatever the transition may be you will have to deal with major changes in your life, and these changes may be very hard to sustain. All changes transform what was once familiar to unfamiliar situations, which will spur on different types of emotions, fear, overwhelming feelings and a feel of inadequacy as you will be entering an unknown dimension.

The best way to get through these times is to try and place yourself in this period of transition. Ask yourself where you are in life now, try and identify what your life dream is and develop a plan of action. You have to turn this moment in your life into a positive growth experience and take life at full speed.

You should clearly define your starting point, and mark all important points, such as who you are and what brought you to where you are now. Writing down past events will help you build a reference of what you have done and the talents you have, for your past experience can help you build your new life. Think about these two questions carefully; what is your position in your current life and what does life mean to you?

You can start analyzing your life briefly by documenting where you were born, what your living quarters were like, you schooling and career as well as your family living conditions.

Try and describe what kind of person you are, and what you are doing in life. You should define your current job and responsibilities as well as past ones. Are you or have you been a mother? Have you had a strong professional career? Try and note down specific skills you may have and interests, this will help you make a well-defined plan for the future.

Lastly, ask yourself what life really means to you? How to you envision life, are you happy or sad at this moment in time? How do you pass your days at home or at work, and how is your relationship working if you do have one? Which moments in your day do you appreciate the most? What activities help you relax?

Try and pick out the most important factors and implement them in your life to help you move on and get the most of your transition period.