How to Cope With Depression in Mid-life Transitions

By Brown Articles Published 10/27/2011 | Life Transitions

Sometimes there comes a time in a womans life when she feels she has lost interest for her life and all vitality, and that her daily routines only objective is to get through the day.

This happens to a lot of women in life and they may be caught off guard, especially during their midlife phase, resulting in frequent cases of depression, which added to hormone inbalances can create havoc in a womans life.

One of the major sources of depression in women who are experiencing midlife changes happens due to natural and physical changes, which these alone can make life much more stressful especially during major life transitions.

Changes in life and transitions hit women harder during midlife because they have experienced many seasons in life and a sort of fatigue seems to install itself. Another reason is that our culture and society seems to value youth more than the mature phase of our lives. Think of life as various seasons, each of which has a characteristic and beauty of its own.

All the seasons in a womans life are beautiful and have a definite significance, and during midlife a womans attractiveness is based on a deeper and more seasoned beauty that can only be achieved with experience and is therefore irreplaceable.

One of the major causes for midlife depression are changes that can really hurt us emotionally, especially being women. These can be when our children grow up and start leading their own lives making us feel completely lost and depressed. It is extremely important for a woman in this phase to have a real interest of her own in life and not depend on her family and children as her sole existence.

Other causes may be a separation from a long relationship, which may or not be caused by you or your partner. Even though you have made a definite decision, you will still be experiencing a period of emptiness and loss. If you get over this phase you will find that life has much to offer and that looking back after a few years you will find you have made the best decision ever.

You must be encouraged to have more value and purpose in life although the seasons do change. Do not allow transitions in midlife to change the person you really are, but take advantage of these to make that person resurface if you have hidden the good side of your personality.

Many women go through periods of emptiness and depression when transitions occur, but these have to be dealt with and life moves on. Try and redefine the purpose in your life, because life is not over, whatever your age. Make sure you enjoy life and keep living it at its fullest.