Rights of Life and Reproduction, is Cloning Right?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/27/2011 | Reproductive Rights

As a woman you should be allowed to view your future in an open way and be able to choose your romantic partner, friends, colleagues as well as your hometown and general direction in life.

Not many women get a chance to benefit from these rights, especially those who live in a dictatorial society, as there are still many in the world still today. If we take the example of China, we realize that the government dictates the way women and families should live, instead of giving freedom of action in the respect of others. Women are only allowed to have one child, as the government wishes to control the demographic growth, and at the same time controlling the familys wishes and expectations.

There are many countries where womens rights to life and reproduction are simply repressed, leaving a future devoid of all dreams and expectations. Fortunately in other countries the concept of an open future has been adopted within the nations formative policies.

This means that it is up to the families to provide openings and possibilities for their childrens future. It is up to the parents to prepare their children for their future autonomy and are expected to honour their commitment to the children.

It has often been debated by those who oppose reproductive cloning, that parents of children that are born due to cloning technology will act in opposition to the right of an open future for the child. There are cases where parents adopt the cloning technology as they wish to have a second child that is exactly like the first.

Some parents wish to clone a child because their first one is a prodigy of some sort, or because they wish their second child to have the same complexion, hair and eye colour as their first. Now many debate as to whether this should be the cause of the right of reproduction, for one reason because it is basically playing around with nature and the second reason because the child is denied an open future, as the parents have already defined it.

To summarize the intent, these parents have mapped out the future of the unborn child, who will be expected to share the same qualities and interests as the first. This means that the child will not be valued for its own personality or attributes, but a mere copy of the first.

If the cloned child tries to forge its own personality and form its own interests, there may be a risk of losing his or her parents love and support, and will live in fear of disappointment.

Some parents actually decide to clone a friend or a relative they admire for their physical or mental characteristics. Some people go to the extreme of choosing the DNA of celebrities or important people. Whatever they may choose, the goal is the same, they wish to reproduce the qualities of someone they admire and not create a child who has his or her own personality, which is unique and free to evolve.