The Importance of Reproductive Rights and the Way they Affect Population Growth

By Brown Articles Published 10/27/2011 | Reproductive Rights

Women should have the right to be able to control their bodies and their ability to reproduce, either for health reasons or for reasons that will allow them to live a life as an individual too, not only as a mother.

Many cultures regard birth control as an interference with a divine plan, and women who live within these societies lack both the level of education and of power to control their lives as women. This is probably one of the most relevant factors in the problem of overpopulation, despite the fact that birth control is readily available. Lack of education and freedom of rights for women has contributed greatly to the birth increase.

Governments and agencies have left health and reproductive rights aside for too long, despite the fact that they consider themselves expert in the family control planning. Forcing the Indian population to be submitted to sterilization was both a breach in freedom of reproductive rights and a big flop.

The Chinese one-child policy is another testimony of how badly the agencies are implementing and controlling the birth rate problem, which is no longer a demographic issue, but has also given rise to social and moral issues. More problems are likely to arise from these extreme measures that will influence the social sphere of these countries for years to come.

What can really change things and allow the global birth control to work, is the education and status raise of women. If the governments spent their money in providing adequate education and better social and living conditions for women, the social and economic problems would improve and women would become aware of their reproductive rights and health, hence be in control of their person and improve their conditions naturally.

The controlling of population should not be a priority in a developing world; it should be tackled globally by giving priority to education and social improvement, which will in turn bring better judgment in women, who will wish for a better life for themselves and their children.

Other fundamental issues such as healthcare and providing clean drinking water for all families are a clear sign of how important it is to improve social and economical development. If we focus on development, then time will stabilize birth rates as a consequence and the environmental impact will be evident, as more people will have the basic human needs in order to lead a life they have a right to.

The policies that are now being implemented or rather forced on the population should be banned and the focus should be shifted to other concerns. If governments continue with this destructive attitude that does not leave freedom to reproductive rights, the next step could be the encouragement of ethnical suicide as a solution for population control, which is a means that seeing the government trends, is not difficult to envision.