How a Lack of Equality can Cause Problems in Relationships

By Brown Articles Published 11/3/2011 | Feminism & Equal Rights

When talking about equality it may be more important to underline how equal rights are more about every human having equal worth and not so much as under the terms of equal rights. The real equality is not that which is ruled by the laws but in human terms as far as equal rights and responsibilities go.

Every human being deserves to be treated with fairness, respect, consideration and dignity and should be allowed access to education and information, in order to be able to work and sustain him or herself.

We all deserve to be free, happy and in peace, as well as being free to follow our own consciences and choose which spiritual life to lead. We should all be able to follow our own personal aims and aspirations, as these are the requisites of social equality, which professes that all beings are equally precious and valuable because we are humans.

There is of course the issue of individual rights, which will vary depending on what the persons function is within an organization or group. These individual rights dictate the different functions within specific organizations, so cannot be considered as basic human rights.

Marriage is another situation to consider, for it is a partnership between two individuals of opposite sex who have equal rights, as they have chosen to live together as equals. Unfortunately the traditional sense of marriage does not take these basic concepts into consideration, as they do not consider the roles of the woman and man as equal.

Many couples fail to achieve this equality, for it is a relatively new one and many couples experience difficult times, finding themselves struggling to keep the marriage and often failing. This often gives rise to divorce and a general skepticism as far as marriage is concerned.

Until recently, society was man-sided and women had to accept their status of inferior role. However, today society has recognized the need for equal rights and justice for all women. Now that women are more aware of what their rights are, they no longer accept to be subordinate and give up their individual freedom. Unfortunately social customs tend to lag behind legislative measures, meaning that although women now have equal rights, socially these have not become and integrated part of social behavior.

This is the reason still have many problems today, as the law says partners are equal, but society still expects the wife to take time off work to look after a sick child. It is a common concept that women should take care of the household duties, regardless whether or not they work.

As women are no longer prepared to accept this unequal treatment, this gives rise to the divorce rates, as they are unsatisfied and over-worked. It is important to stress that partners have equal rights regardless of their gender, and it is important that both the man and woman realize the importance of this before marriage, in order to avoid stress and pain later on.