Do Women Really Enjoy Equal Rights in Their Workplace

By Brown Articles Published 11/3/2011 | Feminism & Equal Rights

Unfortunately the problem of whether women really enjoy equal rights in their workplace is a recurrent issue and although during the last 100 years we have all witnessed changes in our workplaces, there is still a lot to be changed.

Not so long ago women were not allowed to work at all and slowly they began to enter into the world and join the work force together with men. Nowadays, women not only work, but also take care of their families, which means they are giving up more time and effort than men do.

Even though this is true, instead of being allowed more opportunities to help them manage their different roles, they still have to deal with not having equal opportunities in work places, thus making issues all the more difficult.

Statistically it has been proven that women in the USA receive lower wages with respect to men who have the same qualifications as they do, in any work domain. Other studies have shown that female representatives of board of directors are often compared to their male representatives. There are other studies that have been carried out that prove how far we still are in reaching equality within work places.

As these studies clearly state what the position of working women really is, we should find a remedy to this inequality. Maybe changes and attitudes would improve if women took mindset changes towards workplace, as well as Legislation changes by governments, this may help provide working opportunities for women faster.

In most cases attitudes are simply mental states, or a belief we have about an issue. It is certain that if you asked the same question relating about a womans role in society you would get different answers. Some men may say that a woman could not possibly perform the same work a man could, while others would say that women can do more.

If we want to get rid of social and gender discrimination, it is important that men keep in mind that women are equally capable of occupying the same role as men. A woman deserves equal rights at work, and viewed from a global perspective, men should realize that in view of what a woman manages to do at home too, she is highly capable of dealing with work place roles.

It is important for women to keep their minds set on issues and work roles, as well as concentrating on gaining self-confidence. Women should not be discouraged by setbacks; they should continue striving to work harder than ever, in order to prove they are just as good as their male counterparts, if not better.

It is fundamental they develop and set their minds towards this trend, and become learned and confident they can do the same job as well as any man. If they do set their minds to it and stick to their principles, then they will achieve more in terms of equality in their workplaces.