How to Conciliate Motherhood with Feminism

By Brown Articles Published 11/3/2011 | Feminism & Equal Rights

Being a mother, at least a good one, is no doubt the most difficult assignment and responsibility in life. This is because it embraces so many facets and roles. Mothers often find themselves with a sense of guilt and are constantly trying to find a balance or deciding if they are making the right choices.

However, being a mother can be the most deeply satisfying growth experience offering moments of pure joy, which are difficult to find elsewhere. Becoming a parent involves a radical identity change for anyone; however, a mother is probably more dramatically involved.

When you look at typical families, in most cases the man is the breadwinner, which means that women usually have no other choice but to reduce their working hours or leave their career in order to look after the children and family.

Women are also responsible for the biological aspect of carrying the child and delivering a baby, as well as the various phases of rearing, including breast feeding, and child care. Women go through an enormous hormone imbalance when they are expecting babies and their role within society changes dramatically.

When a mother first sees her child her world changes. Although she may have decided to stick to her career commitments even after having delivered her baby, just looking at it often changes her perspective of life radically. This cultural shock does not work for everyone in the same way. Some women love to be mums at home, others simply cannot live without their jobs or careers.

Unfortunately there are also cases when mums so desperately want to stay home but cannot due to financial reasons, and they too need to provide for the family. Whatever the reasons, being a mother is very challenging, added to the fact that women, often fight about these issues passionately instead of lending each other a hand.

As a woman matures in her role as mother, she will be confronted with many realities and truths life shows her. Some of the truths we were so convinced about initially may take on a completely new dimension, as well as some of the values and issues we stood up for so fervently.

A mother has to accept the fact that she is still evolving as a person and parent and this evolution continues throughout the years. You cannot really fix any specific ideas in life, as issues can be very complex and we often find that black or white is often not the right choice.

As a child grows up, new experiences are to be had, which make being a mother all the more difficult, as she has to cope with her childs evolution and hers too. What one can attempt to do is to step back from your role from time to time and try to objectively assess and evaluate how you are coping as a parent. This type of experience as a mother can be considered as a career evolution and many women feel motherhood in itself is a fulfilling experience, and not a gender issue.