How to Avoid Young Women to be Affected Negatively by the Media

By Brown Articles Published 11/5/2011 | Media on Women

The media has drastic and negative effects or young women and teenage girls and it is important to ensure that it does not damage their self-esteem.

Fortunately, most parents are able to influence a young womans self-esteem, even more than any media form can. This is why as parents we have a very important role and must work on our teenage girls in order to preserve them from any harmful effects.

The following tips may help you with your teenage daughter. It is important to support and encourage your teenagers passions as well as her achievements. Try and focus on positive aspects your teenage daughter enjoys, these can be music, animals, sports, or anything that she takes particular pleasure in.

When you do see other young women on the media with your daughter, try to stress the point that, yes although the girls are attractive, your daughter has many qualities too. It is important your daughter gets in touch with reality; let her know that although there are attractive girls in the world only a very small percentage makes the first page.

Be careful when talking casually not to complain about your own physical appearance, as this will only contribute to enhance the problem related to looks. On the contrary try to make comments about your own self-esteem. It is important she realizes that imperfections are what make us unique.

You can help your teenage girl by keeping a healthy living, encouraging her to eat the right types of food by not storing it in the cupboards. Choose healthy foods and do not insist your family take a second helping.

If someone has a weight complex, it can be of great help if she concentrates on others and their problems. If a young girl contributes and does volunteer work, this will greatly boost her self-esteem. This can also be done as a family, and you will soon realize how lucky you are.

Fathers can be a great help, so it is important they understand your daughters complex. Make sure your husband or partner does not tease or mention your daughters looks, on the contrary encourage him to spend some extra time with his daughter and focus on the activities she has a skill in.

It is common that many teenage girls and women believe that they need to be someone
other than who they truly are. It is so important for them to understand that who they are is special and get rid of the notion that we would be better if we had wavy hair instead of straight hair and so on.

It is important women begin to love who they are, including their imperfections. It you accept these as a woman; it will give you the opportunity to focus on what is good about you.