How Creativity can Improve Health in Women as they Age

By Brown Articles Published 11/11/2011 | Arts & Creativity

It has been known for a while now how arts and creativity can be good for our spirits and that people who are good with their hands, voices or pens find great benefits from this pastime.

However, further research has demonstrated that creativity is actually good for our immune system, as well as for our general health and can help us reduce medicine we habitually take. Some studies have come up with some very surprising results, showing that participating in the arts has powerful and positive effects to promote health and prevent disease, as well as reducing the risk of declining overall health.

If you are not the kind of woman who has ever thought of taking on a creative pastime, or has never really have time, maybe you should start considering this alternative, which might allow your health to improve considerably.

You do not necessarily have to be an artist or singer, as there are so many art-based programs you can join in. You are sure to find a creative spark in some creative field or another. If you really cannot find any manual or pen creative pastime you can try free motion dancing.

Free motion dancing and expression needs only a minimal guidance, allowing you as a woman to explore the inner feelings and express your creative energy through your body, by spontaneous movements. This type of creative expression allows you to feel free and more receptive, as well as increasing your flexibility.

Although it is true that you could express yourself with free motion in your home; however, the fact that you are in a group seems to create a magical atmosphere due to the sharing of group emotions and communal movement, which adds to the creative aspect.

This type of dancing, which is a meditative approach is at the same time rejuvenating and replenishing, allow to express your inner emotions and creative flows through the movement of your body. Being more aware of your body will allows you to be more receptive to creative aspect in your life, as you become more sensitive.

Another program involves acting and dramatic plays. This is when you are in a group and act out your wildest dreams, or explore your heroic qualities. This is in fact a creative writing session where you use your pen and acting to explore your inner self and express what is hidden in the recess of your mind, allowing for creative expression.

Many women who have suffered from a form of abuse find themselves becoming a hero instead of a survivor, which allows them to reclaim their self esteem. Some women in these situations seem to lose their identity and are afraid they cannot find their true self again. Becoming a hero in a play or writing out a heros role, helps them reclaim their own inner self and become stronger women.

There are many ways to express your creativity and heal from psychological traumas; this is why if you are concerned about staying healthy, you should consider finding your creative and artistic way.