How to Conciliate Being a Writer With Motherhood

By Brown Articles Published 11/11/2011 | Arts & Creativity

Writing is one of those creative activities that need a large amount of inspiration, therefore ideal conditions in which to express yourself.

Now, creativity does not necessarily come at predetermined hours, and if you are a mother you need to do some planning if you want get some work done. The only problem is the continuous interruptions a mother is surely exposed to, which can be frustrating for a passionate writer.

So what solution is there? The only real solution is to become an organized writer, although it is a creative exercise, you can be creative and organized at the same time. You need to take advantage of the hours you have alone and learn to concentrate and be deeply involved in your creativity in those hours you have to spare, far from the duties of motherhood.

It is very important to separate your duties with your writing periods, and get all the household activities done before you start working. Get a timetable down so that you can get essential duties over with before you get down to writing.

Once you have done so, plunge yourself in your creative world, and isolate yourself from any interruptions, including telephone, the Internet or other external elements.

Another important factor to consider is that household duties are important, but if your house is not always spotless, nobody is going to suffer the consequences, as long as your children have a happy and replenished mother, they too will be happy.

Remember that your family is not your enemy and your children are not only a cause of interruption, they can be a great source of inspiration too. Have your children participate in your writing and show them what you do, you will find that once they feel part of your world too, they will show more consideration and allow you moments for yourself, even when they are home.

If you write articles on parenting issues and include them in the various themes you approach, or add some of their drawings in your articles, if you are writing about creativity in children, this will make them happy and feel integrated in your work.

You can conciliate being a mother and writer if you clearly define the moments you write with the moments you are a mother. To be a good writer you also need to be an organized one. Unfortunately most creative people are not, this is why it is so difficult to conciliate the two, which are equidistant from each other; however, it can be done if you persist.