Some Creative Ideas for Your Home

By Brown Articles Published 11/11/2011 | Arts & Creativity

Nowadays recycling is a current trend and people who go green are definitely on a good track. Many people have become literally obsessed with the reuse trend and recycling options and ideas we can use in our houses to transform them in real homes.

You can use recycling for creating themes for each room and you would be surprised of the numerous great solutions you can find to really make rooms look great and different.

Take the kitchen for example, you can use old jewelry boxes and redesign them and adapt them as key holders, which come in very handy in kitchens. You can use recycled elements to add decorative nuances. Using sponge painted effect provides a good overall effect. If you need extra space you can add old wardrobes and paint them or decorate with to fit in with your kitchen environment.

You can find decorative shelves and bottles in the thrift stores to add character to your kitchen, as well as some potholders or homemade dish cloths.

One great accessory to change and decorate is a mirror. A mirror can be transformed into a unique dresser mirror or hall mirror by sanding and painting the edges and adding decorative elements and color, the ending result can be quite good.

The living room is an important space in a home, as many of us use it as a main room or area where we read and relax. A southwestern Indian style can really add an intimate feel to the living rooms with faux painted and ragged effects on white walls and decorative elements such as sheer window scarves, fabrics and rosettes.

You can rag paint shelves to match the walls and place them over the top of the door, where you can add attractive and colorful objects. You can also add small pots and similar objects that will add color and character to the room.

You can place pictures and dream catchers on the wall to further enhance the setting or make plaques from plaster, and redecorate frames with buttons or shells. You can gather leaves and flowers and make a composed bunch held together with an elastic band, and glue pine cones at the base to make a composition.

You can redecorate the sofa with bits of stray materials and put them together to form a cover. Again, you will be surprised how many objects and material you can recycle and use to really transform your home.

If you really do not have any personal ideas, you can go to the local library or bookstore, as well as the Internet to gather some ideas for your living spaces. There are endless ideas you can use for creating personalized objects and decorations, and once you get going more ideas will begin to flow.