Creative Ideas Mums can Enjoy With their Children

By Brown Articles Published 11/11/2011 | Arts & Creativity

However, it is important to keep in mind that you need to be consistent when working with children, as they need a well-organized structure so that they know what to expect.

It is important to make it clear to the child that he or she can only keep one piece of art in their work files per month, as this will avoid clutter and will also prepare them emotionally, as well as giving credit to the well deserved works of art.

Let the children make their own decisions and help them choose which art piece to keep and discarding the rest. Allow a child to choose by showing only two pictures at a time, as too many pictures at once will overwhelm them.

Once your children have the rules clear, you can now go on the actual artwork, keeping in mind that you should always control the situation and at the same time respect their creative spirits.

You can start with greeting cards, postcards, calendars and similar creations. You can even transform the creations digitally and create greeting cards as well as a variety of other products. First have the children create a drawing or painting and then transform these using iPhoto for example or using online sites to create photos albums.

You can even create postage stamps with your childrens ideas and drawings, by going to Photo Stamps or Picture It Postage. Another excellent idea to get rid of the clutter of drawings, while keeping your childrens creativity intact is to scan their creations and use them as screensavers, desktops and slideshows.

Memory quilts will take more time in creating, however, they do offer an amazing present for when they are older. You can scan all sorts of artwork, poems, certificates, report cards and turn them into fabric squares, in order to assemble them in a quilt.

You can have your children create personalized stationary sets for all the family and friends; this is a good way to share their art with others. This art can be used to prepare invitations, journals and hello messages.

Memory boxes designated for each child can be good in order to involve each one of them at having a box each. They can place their creations in these boxes and once they are full, they are expected to go through them and select only their favorite ones. You can also have a file for each child and each month have them pick out their favorite for their memory box.

Have an art exhibition going, just as in museums, and choose a wall to display their works of art, rotating them on a weekly basis. You do not have to stick anything to the wall, you can use a rope with clothes pegs to change the drawings easily.