The Importance of Motivating Creativity in Children

By Brown Articles Published 11/12/2011 | Arts & Creativity

Creativity as the Best Form of Self Expression

It is the best form of self-expression, and unlike adults, children find more satisfaction in the process of creation rather than the finished work of art.

The sheer satisfaction children feel from being able to express themselves is in itself a reward.  It is surprising how beneficial creativity can be to childrens health, both physically and emotionally. For children, to be creative means, being free to commit themselves and make an effort to carry out an activity on their own.

A creative activity is a way to express what you have inside, and this helps children to cope better with their feelings. Creativity also stimulates mental development, as it provides new ways to tackle problems from a different angle.

These creative activities bring out the uniqueness in each child and offer opportunities for parents to focus on each individual child singularly.

When you are deciding which activities to propose to your children, keep in mind that these need to be focused on their personal interests. To do so, make sure you listen to what your children are saying and propose a wide range of creative material for them to discover, being painting, photography, museum trips, clay work, paper and wood. Allow your children time to explore this and pursue their ideas.

Make sure to vary each type of experience, and provide multi-cultural and ethnical experiences, as the wider their creative experiences are, the larger their creative perspective and expression will be. In addition, if children come into contact with different social and cultural milieus, they will have more material and experience on which to base their creativity on.

Always encourage your children to take their own decisions and choices, allow them time and possibilities to explore various forms of artistic materials. The importance of these creative experiences is what they learn from them, and not so much what they manage to create.

It is important to show you are supporting their work by appreciating and offering your help. However, make sure you allow them to work independently, as this is an important element during creative progress.

Creative play is a very important type of creative activity, as children can use materials that are familiar to them in different and unusual ways. This activity reinforces their creative minds and provides them with plenty of time to use spontaneously.

Play is of great value in a childs life and is often underestimated. It helps your children express and manage to cope with their feelings, as well as developing their mental, physical and social development.