Ideas for Jewelry Gifts for Women

By Brown Articles Published 11/19/2011 | Jewelry

All women love jewelery, however, not all women share the same tastes and sometimes finding the right item is not an easy task. What you cannot go wrong with is that whatever the occasion and woman you are thinking to give a present to; a piece of jewelry will always make her day.

You do not have to spend a fortune on jewelry, as if it is refined and delicate as well as artistic it will always be appreciated. Silver jewelry in both elegant and solid, as well as being more affordable. It complements the skin and overall tone of a woman and looks good with both casual and elegant dress wear.

You have various options of course, when it comes to jewelry, a classic choice being a silver ring. Once you have the ring size of the woman you wish to buy the ring for you can start shopping around for ideas. You do not necessarily have to choose a simple silver band; you can choose a silver ring with the birth stone of the woman you wish to purchase the ring for. Silver enhances gems on rings and really make these stand out. A woman always appreciates a gift that will be noticed. Many stones and gems look quite sparkling dressed in silver.

If you really cannot afford a stone, then choose a ring with intricate carvings and details. Some rings are cut exquisitely and really add depth and dimension to a ring as well as an extra sparkle. There are also different shapes available that can render the silver ring quite unique.

An alternative gift can be a pendant or necklace, if you do not really know the size of the ring. Necklaces and pendants make lovely gifts, and you would need a 16 inch chain for young girls and an 18 or 20 inch chain for a woman.

It is best to stick to simple styles with an attractive pendant that is not too glitzy. Again you can choose a birthstone as a pendant or a simple carved pendant, which come in all shapes and sizes. Diamonds make lovely pendants, but you will need to see if you can afford one.

Offering a silver jewelry gift to a woman is always the right choice, as she will remember you every time she wears the piece of jewelry and will cherish it for ages. Silver is classy and not very expensive, as well as being forever in fashion, so you cannot go wrong with this type of gift.