The Most Influential Women in History

By Brown Articles Published 11/24/2011 | Influential Women

In history women have always had an important role as far as political influence is concerned, such as running a country or a political party, as well as other important aspects of social and political environments are concerned. Although women have had to fight repression for centuries, there have been many women who have marked history with their influence.

If we have to start far back in history, we can go as far as to say that the first very influential woman was the mother or Jesus Christ, who is worshipped all over the world by many Christians, and has an extremely powerful influences over all nations. People worship her, either as mother of Jesus, as a Virgin Mary or as the mother of church. However, she is considered, there are millions of people, who still today are influenced by her person.

Another extremely powerful woman was Cleopatra; she was actually the last Pharaoh of Egypt and ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty. Cleopatra was not only intelligent, she was also extremely shrewd, diplomatic and attractive; all these assets put together can only bring on a winning combination. She was also extremely faithful to her people, as she sacrificed herself by marring Julius Caesar for the sake of saving her people, protecting them for two centuries to come.

The Queen Victoria was another very powerful and influential woman. The Queen of Britain ruled the country for what was the longest period in time and in British history. She formed the entire modern constituency during her reign, and took over India and Burma while she was in rule, creating an enormous network of commerce and railway lines and connections.

Mother Theresa is one of the greatest women who has ever lived. She dedicated her entire life helping others and rendering service to those in need. She was born in Yugoslavia and she gave her services to the poor and famished in India by establishing shelters, orphanages and hospitals. Not only did she help people physically, she also helped them in spirit and lived as one of them, as a sister of the people.

Indira Gandhi, late Prime Minister of India, was the daughter of renowned freedom fighter and politician, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. She was the first female prime minister of free India and she held the position for 15 consecutive years. She contributed in changing a lot in India and brought a breath of change and new views in India.

All the above women, contributed greatly to the changes in the world and have gone down in history, not only for their power and influence, but for their kind heartedness and warmth of spirit, something women are renowned for.