How to Become Successful by Using your Influence as a Woman

By Brown Articles Published 11/24/2011 | Influential Women

Your influence should make people think, feel and act in the way you wish them to, and this can only be done if you are an influential person with a great deal of charisma and persuasion.

Being influential is not the only important aspect in business, you will also have to consider that other women and men are trying the same techniques as you are, this is why you need to work harder than they do if you want to become a successful woman.

When you are the one who has a strong influence, then you are also the one setting the rules and leading the game, and others will follow you, and will also help you become successful. Keep in mind that if you are not the influential one then someone else will be in your place.

However, becoming more influential also means that you are in for a lot of hard work and commitment, although this is not as hard as it may seem on the onset. The first step is the planning and clear thinking strategy and you may find that you have to change some objectives and focal points you have on your schedule.

To make your way to success there are a few steps you can take that will help you increase your potential influence and become a successful woman.

The first step to take is take time to assess your skills, awarding yourself scores for each of the following points that are fundamental for attaining influence over others. These are the self awareness area, understanding others, influencing others, understanding groups, building trust and using the network system. All these must be evaluated if you are to know where you stand.

Once you have given yourself a level in these different areas, choose the one you are strongest in, for although they are all important you should prioritize those that have a stronger influence in your case. Now consider which three actions you can take to improve in this area.

It is essential you focus on your personal power, as this will allow you to be influential without even trying. These are usually your personal assets that are more or less evident, which trigger people off to feel differently about you.

Take a closer look at your style, referring to your behavior and manner you use when you are trying to influence someone. This is because not all people have the same style and you can mould yours to suit different situations. This is why you should go through the type of behavior you prefer and analyze how this is different to the one the people you care to influence prefer, then try and become more flexible in order to meet with them on the same lines.

You may find it very useful if you have a close friend or colleagues to give you feedback on your behavior. This means having them relate how they saw you, and how they think you can improve your attitude or behavior.

Finally stay focused on your objectives, this is crucial, so keep in mind that you have to use all the above steps and concentrate them on a specific situation you wish to influence. By doing this you will find it helpful as you are implementing your learning and will advance you in your success.