How Important it is to Have Women Friends and Connections to Help us Through Hard Times

By Brown Articles Published 11/24/2011 | Community & Connection

Where women are concerned, as well as friendship there seems to be a special bond, a relationship that has proven to provide great benefits physically, spiritually and psychologically. So much so that a special date has been dedicate to women friendship, the 19th September was in fact the 10th National womens Friendship Day.

This celebration has become very popular in all the thirty-four states that now the whole month has been dedicated as National Womens Friendship Month. The fact that this celebration has become so important goes to testify that women and friendship are two very important factors that seem to co-exist naturally.

It has been proven with research and data that friendship between women is actually beneficial for their health and has widespread socio-economic repercussions. Through friendship, women create a special bond that helps them overcome emotional stress and is a highly effective support system for their health.

When women have strong friendships they gain in self esteem and assurance, as they find support in times of trouble, and a friend with which to share feelings and emotions. It is known that a circle of women will create a special link, which will allow each woman to be confident and present in her life, thus experiencing enhanced happiness and a more fulfilling life.

Studies have found that in moments of distress women seek emotional benefits by coming together and supporting one another, and this type of behavior will release the chemical oxytocin that counter stresses our emotions and helps calm down.

This means that when women connect in times of trouble they are actually contributing in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and the heart rate. It has been proven that high emotional stress can create an imbalance in blood glucose levels, healing and other health factors, while women friendship will counteract all these effects caused by stress.

Researchers have gone as far as to say that not having close friends is as detrimental to your health as being overweight or smoking. Other studies suggest that an older woman's risk of dying from heart disease may be linked to the number of family and social relationships she has.

This is an actual scientific confirmation that girlfriends are essential to our self-preservation, as well as being a physical, emotional and spiritual outlet. This is why we as women should take full advantage of our position and keep those friends we have cherished and ready to help when in need.