How Women Who Connect can With their Soul can be Happy and Successful

By Brown Articles Published 11/25/2011 | Community & Connection

Women who work on the expansion of the spirit can reap great benefits and build successful relationships with others. If you are able to react and listen to what your soul dictates you will soon find that it guided you in all positive ways.

Women will have to start recognizing when it is their soul that dictates their minds and realize that this is the right strategy. When your soul is working there are various signals that you can recognize.  You will find that good things suddenly start happening, you are getting answers to your queries, you no longer feel pains you had repeatedly, you are less fearful of events, you are more confident when placing your requests, you know when to say yes or know.

However, it is important not to doubt the positive power our souls can have on our lives or you will not be able to perceive the messages or connect. To find your soul, is to look for it, you need to keep an open mind and listen, while developing a habit of calling upon it regularly.

Some exercises that can help you connect with your soul are the following:

Breathing or acknowledging your breathing are two related activities, we do not usually think we are breathing but we can be conscious of this if we wish to. This is a good place to start off from. If you start developing your consciousness to breathing, you will also start being aware of both the conscious and the subconscious parts of the mind.

Connecting to sounds that are part of nature is another way to be aware of our spirit, or listening to music we like. Laughing often helps dissipate tensions and stress, as well as anxiety, depression and anger.

Try and become a child once more, in the way you perceive the world, watch the clouds float by, the birds fly, find the simple things in life that can provide delight. If you can reach a childlike abandonment then you will easily perceive your soul.

You can even question your soul directly, as this will allow you do relate and give it a definite dimension. Test it by asking which the right solutions are for your problems of the moment, who to turn to in order to receive support for a determined situation and how to be able to have more abundance. Keep an open mind in order to receive your answers with the above techniques.

Find moments of silence and rest, which brings balance in order to be able to perceive with more ease. Be positive and say yes often during the day, especially when you are faced with obstacles during the day. It is a way to free your tension and spirit.

Daydreaming is also a good remedy as it allows your imagination to soar above reality and create lovely sensations you may be missing in your real life.