Contemporary Style Designs

By Charles Hopkins Published 03/13/2006 | Home Improvement

Contemporary style is anything that has been created in the last half of the 20th century.  This style offers soft looks with rounded lines and modern designs.  This style can contain neutral or bold colors and will focus on the basics of line, shape and form.  This is a fun and upbeat style that will enhance almost any style of home or personality. 

Contemporary interior design features tone on tone color, which includes browns, taupe and cream, colored whites.  There are sometimes bold colors found in one specific piece in the room such as a rug, particular wall or special piece of art in the room. 

The furniture is made up of smooth clean lines without a lot of detail included.  Furniture is usually made out of light colored wood like maple or birch, glass, stainless steel or chrome.  The furniture is simple and comfortable at the same time.  You will find the fabrics to be simple and tasteful.  The fabrics include silk, wool, linen, and cotton.  They are known for the great texture and neutral hues.  You may also be able to find unique bold colors in the pillows and throws to accent the neutral colors.  This will be a great way to add compliments to your contemporary style. 

The lighting that is used in contemporary designs should be floor or table lamps that have straight lines with sleek finishes.  The shades may have a touch of bold color or pattern to them to create a contemporary theme in the room.  You may also want to consider recessed or track lighting in your room.

Track lighting can add a dynamic flair to your room by adding several different lights to brighten areas in your room.  There are choices like halogen track lighting, which will produce extremely bright light from smaller lighting fixtures.  You can add this type of lighting to enhance certain pieces like art or a statue.  You will be sure to get compliments on your appreciated track or recessed lighting. 

Contemporary style is something that anyone can appreciate and get comfortable in.  This theme can be used in any style of home.  You can do the entire home in contemporary style or just choose one room in your home to decorate in this sleek and crisp look.  If you have colors that have been on the walls for more than twenty years, you need an up date, one that will make your home a little different, but with a soothing and useful feeling to it at the same time.

The key to contemporary is to not have too much in one room.  You should have just the necessities for seating and furniture.  Do not over crowd the room with clutter or accessories lying around all over the room.  You want to achieve the look of less is more?  You can do all this for a lot less money than you used to be able to.  You will be surprised at the enormous amount of selection that you will find when you are searching for your furniture.  You will have a tough decision ahead of you, but it will be one that you will enjoy for years to come.