Women’s Laptop Bag

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/8/2013 | Women Fashion
With more and more women zooming up the corporate ladder and traveling too, the women’s laptop bag has become a necessity. But these bags need not be the boring old black and tan laptop bags. In fact, with a whole new range of colors and materials that are available, women can make a fashion statement with their laptop bags during the presentation in any meeting.

The women’s laptop bag is designed to fit in not only the laptop but all other essential elements such as loose change, a change of clothes, zipper and pen pockets and compartments for lipsticks etc. They also come with a back pocket that can easily accommodate all the files that the working women need. The women’s laptop bags usually come with inner and outer water repellant finish so that your laptop is well-protected against water. Some of the laptop bags are even quilted and have embedded sequins to make a great fashion statement. You need to determine the size of your laptop before you go out to a mall to buy the women’s laptop bag.

Another variation for the women’s laptop bag is the laptop tote. This is designed just like the tote bag and has separate shoulder straps too. It has a full zipper compartment and can accommodate your laptop, files and other miscellaneous things easily. They also have comfort padded handles and drawstrings. They look just like tote bags that many women like to carry.

Leather women’s laptop bag is of course used by most women who go to work. They are sturdy and they come in a number of finishes and colors and these can also be used by men. Given the vibrant color preferences that women have, these laptop bags are found in a wide variety of options including tartan and quilted finishes.

Those who do not like to carry their laptops on their back or shoulders can also use the rolling women’s laptop bag. Essentially they come with wheels and handles to pull along as they make their way from one destination to another. They are very convenient and are a great though for those aching and sore shoulder and back muscles. They are more expensive than the regular laptop bags and the price usually starts at $200. They have a huge amount of space and have enough pockets for carrying stuff for the daytrip.

Finally, there are women’s laptop bags that are airport security friendly. These laptop bags have been tested and approved for TSA guidelines for onboard luggage. They have a number of pockets to keep all the files, PDA, cell phones, knick knacks and are usually made of durable polyester. This makes them less susceptible to wear and tear.