Womenís Belts Add Chicness and Accentuate Your Figure

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/8/2013 | Women Fashion
Itís a major trendsetter for women. Womenís belts has come a long way and are more than just a necessity. They are major fashion accessories and can liven up any garment. A stylish womenís belt can easily change a drab dress to a great looking one. There are, of course, a number of ways to wear the belt in order to obtain maximum benefit out of it. Belts can be styled from a number of materials and can be bought at flea markets and the more designer boutiques too.

Womenís belt can be made from cloth, leather, stones, metal etc. they can be plain or can be embellished with a number of materials such as threads, semi precious stones, hoops, sequins, cloth, decorative buckles and many others. Depending on the trend of the season, the womenís belt can be skinny or wide. Itís not necessary that the womenís belts have to be worn just over the waist. In fact it can be worn anywhere as the wearer wishes.

Wider belts enhance the natural figure

Womenís belt enhances the figure of the wearer and makes her look extremely stylish and chic. In fact, they are now been worn on the torso, just below the bust line and of course on the natural waistline. There are a number of womenís belts that can be slung low. Many favor wide belts as this accentuates the sexy curves. They also create an effect of thinning down a womenís body. They give an allusion of a corset, since they brace the entire body. For this reason, the wide belts are usually made of material that can be stretched such as cloth reinforced with Lycra or woven leathers with silk and satin. The womenís belt can comfortably resist all the stretching and bending during the course of the day and will still remain as good as ever.

Innovative ways of wearing a belt

Womenís belts have become innovative and creative as ever. In fact, women can easily borrow from their partnerís wardrobe and use menís belts. They can even tie Japanese inspired obi sashes or use cummerbunds or just plain fabric with a bit of embellishment as belts.

Skinny belts accentuate the clothes

On the other hand, skinny belts are worn for the effect that they give. The skinny womenís belts are usually made of strips of leather or a chain of links or metallic finish cloth. They accentuate dainty dresses and meant to show off the clothes that one is wearing. Of course, itís important to choose a belt keeping in mind your own body shape. For those on the plumper side, a wider belt works better than a skinny belt.

Empire line belts

Belts are also worn right below the bust line and this gives added oomph factor to a women. They enhance the cleavage and give it a perfect look. These womenís belts are known as empire waist belt.