Unique Gifts for Women

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 12/8/2013 | Women Fashion
When you want to give something special to the special lady in your life, why not give them unique gifts for women. The usual chocolates, perfumes and roses arenít unique. When you give unique gifts (for women), you show them your appreciation and love. Of course, sometimes the gifts can set you back by a couple of hundred dollars but if your lady likes them then they are worth the money that you have spent.

Crystal desk accessories set

Career women would definitely appreciate this gift. In fact, this sets her apart from her office colleagues. Every time she picks up the stapler, it reminds her of you. Now that is some way to shine into your womenís heart, isnít it? The sets start from $150 on wards. Choose the colors or order the sets online.

New ipod cases and key chains

Let her ipod be encased in designer leather from high-end designer brands such as Aigner. Gift her special leather and suede ipod cases that can keep her ipod free from scratches resistant and also make it stylish. This way you will always be music to her ears. Or how about a studded swarosvski studded ipod case. Let her bling and shine through her music. The ipod cases come with clip attachment so that it can be fitted to your trousers easily. Along with the ipod you can also include a key chain to complete the set. These sets are expensive and start around $250.

Potpourri and towel set

Women like to receive unique gifts for women. For this you can gift your special lady with potpourri and a towel set. With different fragrance, they sure can set the mood for something special. Whatís more, you can also gift her the essential oils. These aromatic oils come in various perfumes such as jasmine and lavender and are also soothing on the nerves. They help to calm down the frayed nerves as well.

Specially monogrammed towel and bathrobe set also are great unique gifts for women. Gift her unique Egyptian cotton towel set that will make her to feel luxurious. Why not gift her ďhim and herĒ towel set and see her blush. It can sure turn your sex live into a heady one.

Wine holder plates

These wine holder plates are a clever idea for a small party where you can hold your plate and the wine glass in the same hand instead of holding them in two hands, leaving your other hand free for other naughty pursuits. Surely the hostess would greatly appreciate such unique gifts for women.

Monogrammed and picture mugs arenít extremely unique but they sure give a great message to the women that you love in your life.