Mens Clogs ĖThe Lasting Tradition

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Men's Fashion

Clog is a word which resides in our vocabulary but we have never tried to learn all about it. The origin, the appearance and the usage of such type of shoes. Menís Clogs are among the most exciting inventions in human history. Clogs are made of different materials. Some of them are made of wood in shoe or sandal types and others are made of leather on upper and sides but having wooden sole. Clogs have made tremendous contribution in making people feel comfortable while long-working hours. Clogs are among most preferred choices for Europeans and industrialization is the root-cause for this unflinching likeness of these people.

Menís Clogs shoes and sandals are widely accepted for their durability, availability and affordability. Some of the professions which require long working hours in standing position are real potential industry for menís clogs and they still have love for nicely made clogs which relief the workers during long working hors. Menís clogs shoes in the early days were designed with a cork or wood sole and the upper was made with leather. Mostly menís clogs shoes have been designed with open-backed but a covered box on the toe. Menís clogs shoes have been used in wars for clandestine operation; confidential documents were kept in the secret compartment of clog shoes by the spies. Comfort is the only thing which gives elevation to the traditional fashion of menís clog shoes and despite all innovations, menís clog shoes have retained their individual significance in the eyes of people who ever experienced this fantastic footwear.

Menís clogs shoe have more frequent usage in industrial and hospitality sector and these commercial usage has carried-forward this lasting tradition alive to make us witness them in reality. Menís cogs are part of uniform for hotel Chefís and in some other industries which involve long working hours in standing way. These industries place huge orders and for this reason, though not in the fashion mainstream but menís clogs shoes are enjoying reputation and surviving generation after generation.
For last few decades, a new wave of acceptance has been seen in overall arena of footwear. Some of the leading shoe manufacturers companies are readily manufacturing stylish and more comfortable menís clogs shoes for customers. Customers have been offered a lot of choice in clouds, styles and shapes of menís clogs shoes in the recent few years but the plain wood made clogs are retaining their loyal customer base as it is.

Menís clogs are also manufactured in new materials and finishes which makes them more appealing and sensitive in their look. Menís clogs shoes are made with suede, cloth and plastic to give they light weight and more decent look for normal wear.

We are living in an era of fashion revival and people of our generation want to look different and for that they may be adopting all unusual and uncommon things. Menís clogs are also getting popularity in different materials and shapes and they are able to be reckoned as the lasting tradition.