Decoding A Guy’s Language

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Dating

So, you just dated a hunk of a guy whom you find very attractive and very intellectually stimulating. He was such a gentleman, and he treated you well. He’s got all the attributes you’re looking for in a lifelong partner, and you want him… and you want him bad. But as with everything else associated with the initial phase of the dating game, uncertainties abound. You don’t know if he could reciprocate the level of interest you have for him. All you have are thoughts of him, as well as the memories of the date that was.

What you would do for some piece of mind, eh? Luckily, the signs you need are all there, encrypted in some form or another, waiting to be decoded. The certainty you’re looking for can be found in these signs, and all you have to do is to take some time to study them, and muster enough courage to accept what may not be favorable for your desires. But who knows, right? He might be into you after all.

So, what are these signs, and how, exactly, could you decode them?

• He said that he’ll call but he didn’t. This may go either way. He may be buying his time so that he’ll give you the impression that he’s not interested, which would heighten the surprise when he does reveal his true feelings for you. Or he may not be interested with you. Prepare yourself for any eventuality.

• He called as soon as he got home. Rejoice, girl! You’ve got a connection! Play your cards right, and he’s in the bag!

• He called even before he could get home. Wow! You don’t have to play your cards right this time. He’s very much into you, and he can’t wait to see you again. The ball is in your court now. It will all depend on how long or how fast you would allow the courting process to take.

• He talked about himself most of the time during dinner. Again, this may go either way. He may be a natural egomaniac who can think of nothing else but himself. Or he may be trying to impress you with what he believes are his better qualities. Or he finds you interesting, but he sees you as someone who would spare some time for his grand tales of personal accomplishments.

• He talked about himself most of the time during dinner, even when you’re about to share your thoughts with him. Uh-oh. This is a definite danger sign. You have a certain megalomaniac at hand. Stay away as early as possible.

• He said something similar to “you’re a good friend.” It’s a euphemism for “sorry, I just can’t see you and me together.” Take a hint and abandon all hopes. He’s not just into you, but he’s too polite not to say it straight to your face.

• He said something similar to “you’re like a sister to me.” Same as above, albeit in a friendlier, more affectionate language.

• He didn’t offer to take you home. Forget it. The date was tortuous for him, and he’s happy it’s over and done with.

• He kept taking those bathroom breaks. This could go in either of three ways. First, he may be married or is otherwise committed, hence he’s been excusing himself to place a call to his wife or girl. Second, he may be too bored with your company and he preferred pacing around in between your conversations. Or third, he must be suffering from a severe case of diarrhea.

The signs you need are right in front of you. Sometimes, though, they may be too much to bear that we choose not to notice them. Don’t allow yourself to feel depressed in the event that he’s not interested with you. There are a lot of guys out there. Failing to win his heart only means that someone better is meant for you.