Danger Signs That Would Indicate That Your Date Has Less Then Noble Intentions

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Dating


Dating should be fun. It’s a chance to get to meet other people and explore romantic possibilities with them. Enjoyable times can be experienced. Engaging in an activity with someone else is far better than engaging in activities by yourself, after all. Dating would allow you this luxury, and it could also promise many joys and many memories that you could savor for a long, long time, especially when you go out with someone you like.

But dating should also serve a more important purpose. Remember, the reason why you’re going out with someone is to test the waters for a possible relationship. The things your date will show you during the times you spend together can be telling of what kind of partner he would be.

Let’s take a look at some danger signs you should be wary of, so that you may avoid the wrong partner as early as possible.

• Is he begging for some intimacy during your very first date? He may be after something else, and once he gets it, he would lose interest in being with you. Some people view dating as a game of hunters and preys. They’d rather be the ones who would hunt and once their prey falls into their traps, they’d just dismiss them almost immediately.

• Did he come up with all sorts of excuses to make you pay for dinner? Like how he forgot his wallet, or how he has to send his siblings to school being that he is the breadwinner of the family? Uh-oh. You might have a freeloader at hand. He might be after your wallet instead of your personality. And he might find your bank account a more stimulating topic than your thoughts.

• Does he talk about himself 95% of the time? He may be an egoistic person who might just take you for granted once you enter a relationship with him. If you don’t want to be taken for granted, it would be wise to avoid such a person as a partner.

• In the same light, does he show little interest about what you have to say? He may be more interested about his own stories than yours. In which case, you have reason to believe that you’ve got a megalomaniac for a date. A relationship should be a two way street. If he wants to do all the talking, and if he expects you to do all the listening, then such might not prove healthy.

• How were his table manners? This would reflect on how he lives his life. If he’s too meticulous about where to eat, what to feast on, and how to enjoy your meals, then there’s that possibility that you’re dating an obsessive-compulsive fellow. Not that being OC is bad, but you have to ask yourself if such a person is the right fit for you. If he ate before your order arrived, or if he displayed some rather obnoxious behavior while having dinner, you might have a sloppy Joe as a date, and you should prepare your mind to do all the household chores once he moves in to your place, or vice versa. Again, you have to think if such a person is the right partner for you.

• Try to consider his other manners as well. Does he assist you in crossing the street? Does he open the door for you? Does he pull the chair to help you sit down? If he does not exhibit these traits, it’s alright. Though a little chivalry would be nice, it’s quite a lot to expect in this day and age of empowerment. But if he wantonly neglects the most basic of courtesies, then you may have to think twice whether or not you should engage in a relationship with him.