Ten Signs That Your Lover Is Cheating On You

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Dating

A relationship is founded on trust. What would happen then when that very trust which is the essence of commitment is compromised? Such is the pain of betrayal. It strikes a dagger to our very hearts, as treachery from the person who hold most dear is something that we’re always afraid of, yet it remains that one thing which we dare not expect.

Suspecting our partners to be cheating on us can make us lose an important component of our lives: peace of mind. We’ll end up spending countless sleepless nights thinking and fearing the worst. All we need during those times is a guarantee… a sign. Whether it is good or bad, it should be better than having to waste countless hours drowning in a sea of uncertainty.

Hence, here are ten signs that could tell you when your lover is actually cheating on your relationship.

1. Is he/she overprotective about his/her mobile phone? It is so easy to cheat on someone in this day and age of modern technology. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it is also easy to catch someone using the very technology that facilitates the betrayal. New generation mobile phones these days do have logs that record the numbers we call and the numbers that contact us. Also, text messaging is becoming very popular these days, and concrete proof of treacherous affections can be discovered by checking the SMS inbox of most phones. Naturally, the person engaged in such a betrayal would dare not show his/her mobile phone for fear of getting caught.

2. Is there a significant decrease in the time he/she allots for you? The body has its limitations. If he/she is all gung ho with the other party, it is expected that he/she will be too tired to give you the attention you expect.

3. Is there a significant decrease in the level of affection he/she is showing you? Simple caresses and gentle kisses that diminish in frequency can be quite telling of a wandering heart. The attention that he/she used to shower you with is most probably spent on someone else.

4. Is he/she usually gone for days under the guise of a business trip or meeting with friends, when he/she never used to pursue such affairs? He/She may be engaged in an affair of another variety, and he/she is merely using seemingly valid reasons as excuses.

5. Do you catch him/her with small lies more often than you could count? Small lies beget bigger lies, and sometimes, small lies can be used to conceal even more dastardly lies. A lie is a lie. Treat it seriously. Once discovered, prepare yourself to unveil more skeletons in his/her closet.

6. Does he/she miss important dates which he/she never used to forget? The human mind also has its limits, and when it focuses on someone else, the memories reserved for us are often left at the backseat.

7. Does he/she fail to call you at appropriate times? It is quite difficult to sneak in a call or some form of communication when he/she is with someone else, right?

8. In the same light, do you often catch him/her sneaking out during a date to place a call? When you do ask him/her about it, he/she would just reason out that it is a call for the boss or some friends? This, also, can be quite telling, especially when he/she does not show such a behavior in the past.

9. Internet affairs are growing in numbers in this day and age. If he/she is spending more time in cyberspace that normal, be wary. Chances are, he/she is exchanging some correspondence with a person he/she is interested with.

10. Does he/she exhibit a short fuse whenever you ask him/her about his/her day? Does he/she suddenly make a big issue about his/her need for privacy, when such was not even a consideration in the past? He/She may be positioning himself/herself to get some space to be able to pursue an affair with another.

Of course, all of these signs can be as simple as personality quirks that we all have to deal with when it comes to our partners. What makes them danger signs is when they are exhibited suddenly, whereas they never even manifested themselves before. Such an immediate shift in personality can be the result of a cheating heart.