Fixing up your Mantel

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Home Improvement

A mantel should be the best part about your fireplace. If you have a fireplace or even if you do not have one, a mantel will create something interesting for you to look at. You do not have to make it anything fancy to become a great focal point. Having the right materials and the right decorations for your mantel will make all the difference when it comes to having a great looking mantel.

There are a few things that you can do to decorate the more traditional mantels. You do not have to have a fireplace to have a great looking mantel. You can hang a mantel in the middle of any wall and get a great looking piece for any style of home. The first thing that you have to do is decide on a focal point for the mantel. You should think about a great painting or mirror to hang above the mantel. It you take this avenue, and then do not hang them too high. If you want, you can just lean them against the wall. You can use a couple different pieces of art to create a larger focal point.

There are a few things to remember for basic design when you are decorating a mantel. These things include color, texture, and size. You can have a vase filled with stones and candles for example. There are lots of simple items that can be used to decorate a mantel in any room. You can use seashells, candles, or pictures of the family as your décor for any mantel style. You can even use trophies for a sports themed room.

If you have a mantel that is looking shabby and thin, you can rebuild a new one to replace it with. You can do this with wood, or even brick or stone. This is a great way to have a beautiful focal point when it comes to a fireplace. You can add some creative touches to the mantel by using crown molding, or different colors of stones or tile. You will get great reviews when guests see you mantel for the first time.

If you have a fireplace with a great mantel already on it, you can try painting or refinishing it. Sometimes all you need to do is fix up the fireplace in order to get more compliments out of the mantel. This will not only get you compliments on your work, but it will also create a cozier feel to any room.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to fix up your mantel. You can do it with a few cheap items like paint, caulking, or even sometimes the mantel just needs a good cleaning. If you do have a mantel above a working fireplace, you may need to clean the soot from it. Over the years, soot and dirt from the fire can settle on your mantel and make it look old and tired. Giving it a good cleaning will add shine and luster to your mantel. You will be amazed at the results and keep up the good work on a regular basis.