Asian Style Decorating

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Home Improvement

There are many different looks to the Asian style of decorating. These styles include elements from Japan, China, and Thailand. There are lots of ways to incorporate these styles into your room. It is totally up to you how you want to express your personality through the Asian style. a touch of the orient is enhanced and explored with Asian style decorating for the home or business.

Traditional Japanese interiors are sized according to the 3x6 form. Most of the décor in Japanese rooms are natural fiber floor coverings like tatami mats. Colors found in the natural materials like bamboo and stone are there to create a claming serene environment. There is not a lot of furniture used in these kinds of rooms. The lightest colors of whites and tans area often used with deep enriched colors of red, brown and outlined with black or gold colorings in many accessories for the home.

The types of furniture that are included are futon couches, beautifully decorated screens, and lower profiled tables. The tables are paired with cushions for seating. Lighting is one of the key factors in Asian styled rooms. They rely on the abundance of natural light that is allowed to flow into the room through window shades. For nighttime, there are low wattage bulbs in rice paper lamps that only enhance the beauty of the shade. The overall feel of the Asian lighting is one that will make you feel welcome and cozy at the same time, even if you have never been in this place before.

What are some of the other colors used in Asian coloring of the home? The colors that are used in the rooms are gray, brown, and green. These are the based colors, often used on walls, flooring and on the ceilings. With these colors, they use brighter shades to enhance them. They will use floral designs like orchids as accents on the fabrics and pottery. Japanese interiors often include natural elements like water features throughout the home. They are not only beautiful to look at; they also contribute to a feeling of calm and connections to the outside world.

Chinese interiors are known through the wonderful carved furnishings like hand painted designs on glossy finishes, brightly colored accessories and ornaments. Red is the most used color because it is the sign of good luck. Chinese interiors are bold with their bold colors that are used to accent the room. The bright bold colors only enhance the dark wood tomes and high gloss finishes are combined for a dramatic theme. These types of rooms are also known to have large murals with cultural scenes. They are often from the characters and legends known from China’s history.

The vibrant colors show the vitality of the fascinating culture. You can find these incredible works of art can be found in many places. You may be able to find them in flea markets, cultural shops, and other many furniture stores. It does not matter if they are original art pieces or if they are fabricated works of art. Using the pictures of bold life, and wild life in the forest or on the run, you can see and feel the Asian feel of decorating while in the room where you see these types of decorating and where these types of accessories are used.

Also added to an Asian styled room are the plants. They are added to rooms to incorporate the feel of nature and growth to a room. Having these, plants are very important to anyone who has an Asian styled room. The colors along with the Asian plants and accessories will be the keys to giving any room a cultural makeover.