Digital Kitchen Timers: An Indispensable Kitchen Tool

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Food & Drink

Whenever you open any recipe book or a cookbook you always come across such patent terminologies as ‘cooking time’, baking time, stir for such and such minutes, fry for certain minutes or pre-heat for so many minutes and so on. So you can have an idea as to how important it is to time your cooking escapades.

If you cannot keep a track of the minutes while cooking then you are sure to end up with such cooking disasters as burning your food, undercooking/overcooking, and just making a mess of your recipes. Why? As because the timing was just not right!

Digital kitchen timers save you from such cooking tragedies in the kitchen. These digital timers help to keep a track of each second while you are engaged in tossing up an interesting recipe. You can adjust your stirring, frying, baking, pre-heating and such cooking times by setting the timer according to the requirements of the specific recipe. So with a digital timer in your kitchen you can avoid taking out a burnt cake or undercooked meat from your traditional oven or microwave!

Digital kitchen timers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can select one according to your cooking needs. So start tossing up those scrumptious and lip smacking dishes for your family by perfectly timing your cooking with digital kitchen timers!

With such accurate digital kitchen timers you can now bake the perfect cake, breads, or boil eggs optimally as you can manage your cooking time accurately. Most electronic digital timers display the time on a LCD screen and are fairly simple to operate with easy-to-push buttons. Different digital kitchen timers count time differently. Some count 100 minutes by seconds; others count 24 hours by minutes and so on. Some timers are provided with an inbuilt memory feature that helps you to revert back to any previous time settings.

They are variously available in magnetic or clip or stand mount styles so that you can place them at convenient locations in your kitchen. Some pocket-sized clip mount digital kitchen timers can even be clipped to your apron’s pockets. So now you can move about the house attending to other errands while you set the time for baking those ginger cookies and carry the digital timer with you. Once the cooking time is complete you will be alerted with a loud time-up beep that is a characteristic feature of most of the digital kitchen timers. Kitchen timers with a magnetic mount can be easily attached to an iron or steel surface such as on a refrigerator or the cooking range hood, etc.

You can also avail digital kitchen timers in some cute and amazing shapes other than the monotonous square/rectangular shapes such as egg shaped, hen shaped, eggplant shaped, tomato shaped, apple shaped, clock shaped, can/bottle shaped and many more such interesting shapes to complement and accentuate your kitchen décor! Digital kitchen timers are also available in metal or plastic finishes. There are also double and triple digital timers that help you to time two or three cooking activities simultaneously at a time. So with such digital multi-timers you can organize your various cooking expeditions in a faster, and hassle free manner and can serve perfectly cooked and great tasting meals at the right time!