Cake Baking Tips: Bake that Scrumptious Christmas Cake!

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Food & Drink

Itís Christmas time folks! This is the season of fun and frolic when the whole world is looking forward to welcome the Grand old Dad Santa Claus who showers his love and affection to kids with wonderful gifts and presents. And moms and grandmas get busy in the kitchen baking delicious and yummy Christmas cakes!

Here are a few useful cake-baking tips that will help you to bake the perfect cake and treat friends and family with toothsome Christmas cake goodies this holiday season.

- Always use superior quality bake ware while baking cakes to get the best results and prevent uneven baking, sticking or burning of cakes.

- While baking any type of cake you must maintain all the cake ingredients at room temperature.

- For better cake baking it is advised to leave a space of at least 2 inches between the walls of the oven and the cake-baking sheet.

- Measuring all your ingredients accurately before you start baking is extremely important, as this shall determine the final outcome of an entire day of baking effort. So measure all the dry ingredients separately in measuring cups/spoons while the liquid ingredients must be measured in transparent measuring cups at eye-level.

- Temperature plays a vital role while baking perfect cakes ensuring proper browning and doneness. So make sure that you adjust your oven temperature according to the cake recipe and try to maintain that set temperature consistently throughout the baking process. You bet your end-result will be a perfectly baked cake with just the right taste!

- Make use of digital kitchen timers and oven thermometers to keep a track of baking time and optimum baking temperature respectively.

- Before baking the cake youíve got to make sure that you are using the right sized baking pan as per instructions in the recipe book or on the package of the cake mix. This is very essential to ensure the perfect baking of the cake. If your pan is too large then you can expect your cake to become flat and dry while if you are using a very small baking dish then the cake will surely bulge out and overflow the pan.

- You must grease the baking pans adequately with shortening and lightly dust them with flour as per the baking instructions in the recipe book. Do not over grease or use too much flour to dust the baking pans.

- To bake your cakes to a tender and light brown crust it is best to bake them in shiny aluminum or gray non-stick coated metal pans that are ideal for baking the perfect cakes.

- Always bake cakes in a pre-heated oven preferably on the center of the oven rack.

- The ideal way to check whether your cake is fully done is to use a wooden toothpick or a piece of uncooked hard spaghetti and insert it right through the center of the cake. If they come out clean without a trace of cake ingredients sticking on to them then you can take your cake out from the oven.