What Water Can Do For Your Body and Health

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Health

Millions of years ago the birth of life took place in water. With the pace of time water became a vital part of our life it is impossible to live without water. Today water also plays the role of a nutrient to build good health of every living creature in this green planet. Though water is plenty on earth but quantity of drinking water is reducing day by day!

We often ignore the importance of this colorless liquid - water. Even you will find many health specialists forget mentioning water in the list of nutrients. This is how the vital nutrient of our life is neglected. We need water to live, to keep us healthy, and to maintain natural fresh look and beauty.

How much water do you need to drink?

The requirement of water depends upon daily activity and health condition. Though it is true that composition of water is available in all types of foods, we still need to drink a certain amount of water plain water. The intake of water also varies with climate. Researches have found that the minimum requirement of water for an adult is 2 liters per day.

Whenever your body requires water you will feel thirsty. Some common symptoms are:
Getting headache
Drying mouth
Getting thirsty
Feeling weak

Loosing water from normal perspiration is a common phenomenon. Even when we are taking rest, our body needs water for running necessary metabolic functions. Those who are physically very active needs more water than a normal people.

Soft drink cannot be the substitute of water

Often you will find people taking soft drink instead of plain water, whenever they feel thirsty. But soft drinks, which are available in the market in attractive bottles or packets, cannot be the right substitute of water. These soft drinks contain artificial color, flavors, sugars, calories and even artificial sweetener.

Needs of water for good health

Drinking plain water not only reduces our thirst but also keeps us healthy by maintaining metabolic functions. There are several needs of water for good health:

Drinking water helps people who are worried about their growing calories. Intake of sufficient water each day can reduce their extra calories. These extra calories are responsible for gaining unwanted weight. Drinking plain water helps them to loose weight.
There is a chance of getting extra calories for people who drink alcohol. Too much intake of alcohol also affects our kidney. It is important to drink sufficient amount of water. This reduces the chance of getting our kidney affected. Also, intake of water removes those extra calories that we gain while drinking alcohol.
Today asthma is a growing problem for all age groups. Water plays the role of a medicine for people who are suffering from asthma. Drink plenty of water. This not only helps the secretion of mucous from our body but also protect us from respiratory diseases.

The need of water for good health is not necessary for all. People who are suffering from severe kidney problem or other medical conditions are restricted from drinking water. Therefore, the intake of drinking water depends upon the medical condition of our health. It is always important to drink sufficient amount of water under medical supervision.